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What Restaurant Visitors Mostly Complain About



Before going to a local restaurant or ordering in, it is advisable to check the online reviews. Restaurant reviews can be a good indicator of a restaurant’s reputation regarding the quality of food, customer service, and ambiance, among other factors.  Therefore, they help you choose a restaurant that will provide value for your money and a pleasant experience overall. 

There are many review platforms that will provide you with consumer opinions on various restaurants. Below is a look at the top restaurant complaints as indicated in customer reviews on

1. Low Food and Beverage Quality

The main reason one goes into a restaurant or orders in is the food. Therefore, if the restaurant can’t get the food quality right, there is no need to buy from them.

One of the most common food quality complaints is incorrect temperatures. For instance, the food may be lukewarm or cold rather than warm, or iced beverages may be at room temperature. 

Customers also complain about bad-tasting food and portions. In other cases, the food is not as portrayed on the menu. 

While taste is subjective, too many taste-related complaints indicate an issue with the restaurant’s menu or chef’s skills. Also, watch out for complaints about unsafe food and food poisoning.

2. Poor Service

Customer service in restaurants ranges from waiters’ responsiveness, demeanor, and attitude to food delivery promptness.

Keep off restaurants with recurring customer service complaints such as rude or inattentive waiters, long wait periods, order mix-ups, poor positioning of waiters, untidiness, and disorganization. Some servers refer to customers with pet names such as “dear” and “honey”, which indicates unprofessionalism.

Poor customer service may be characterized by order mix-ups and long order fulfillment periods for online orders. 

3. Unconducive Ambience

The ambiance is a key factor to consider when choosing a restaurant. First of all, is the facility clean and well-kept? Are there complaints about dirty utensils and tables, or have flies in food or rats sited? Or, are there broken faucets and leaky ceilings.

Then check reviews on the layout and comfort of the restaurant. Maybe the music is too loud, or the lights are too dim or bright. The tables and seats could be wobbly or placed too close to each other. 

The location of the restaurant is also a crucial environmental factor. For instance, is the restaurant located in a noisy or insecure neighborhood? Or, is it too busy thus too congested?

4. Prices

Menu pricing varies from one restaurant to another depending on factors such as the ambiance, type of dining experience offered, restaurant rating, and foods on the menu.

With that said, the food price at a given restaurant should be within the range of similar restaurants. It should also be justifiable through food quality, portion sizes, and restaurant offerings. For restaurant chains, the prices should be the same across different outlets.

5. Billing Issues

This is a common complaint even in the biggest food chain restaurants, where you would think that the billing system is streamlined. Fast food restaurants are notorious for this error due to the large volume of customers they handle. In other instances, rogue staff may overprice foods and drinks intentionally to defraud customers. 

Therefore, avoid restaurants that have too many billing complaints. Also, always check your receipt to ensure you have been billed correctly.

Any of the issues discussed above may ruin your experience at a restaurant. While you cannot always foretell how a visit to a restaurant or a delivery order will go, you are more likely to have a negative experience if the restaurant has too many negative reviews. 

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