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How Easy Is It To Get Your US Visa?



Whether you’re coming to the United States to further your career or studies or seeking permanent residence, you’ll need a US visa to be allowed entry. The United States provides plenty of opportunities to people who want to experience the “American dream,” which is why the country remains a popular destination for tourists and immigrants alike. However, achieving this dream is not always easy — visa applications can be quite a complicated process to go through, especially if you’re doing it all by yourself. 

Fortunately, total. law and its team of expert immigration lawyers can help you in getting US citizenship easily. Seeking the help of immigration services will make the entire transfer more convenient for you since they will be guiding you around the complex immigration laws and even lay down various options for visas you can apply for at the same time. 

To guide you, here is a step-by-step guide about securing your US visa. This includes some tips and information about everything you need to consider during the application process.  

  1. Determine if a visa is necessary. 

To enter the United States, it’s typical that you need to present a US visa. However, citizens under 40 visa waiver countries don’t need to undergo non-immigrant visa applications just to visit the United States. However, just to be sure, you can always find out if you need a US visa for your visit by asking your immigration lawyer. 

  1. Select the type of visa you need. 

If you think that a visa is required for your entry into the country, you can immediately proceed to the second step, which is determining the kind of visa you want or need to get. There are different options for visas that you can choose from, with each being distinct and different from each other, so it’s important that you pay close attention in deciding the right kind of visa for your needs. 

  1. Accomplish Form DS-160 or the Non-Immigrant visa Application Form.

The Form DS-160 is a non-immigrant application form that you can accomplish online. You need to fill in this form if you want to secure a US non-immigrant visa. You can find and complete this form on the official website of your country’s respective US consulate. Otherwise, you can also seek the assistance of a third-party company in applying for this visa. 

The Form DS-160 usually only requires basic information concerning your name, address, email, mobile number, passport number, family information, work, and more. 

  1. Pay the required fee for your US visa application. 

After accomplishing the form, you’ll have to pay the fee for your US visa. The Machine Readable visa fee usually depends on the visa type that you’re applying for, with the amount ranging from $160 to approximately $205. 

It’s also important to note that this fee is non-refundable should you consider canceling your appointment or if your application has been rejected. You’ll also need to pay issuance fees which are largely determined by the kind of relationship that your country has with the US. This instance usually varies from country to country. 

  1. Schedule your interview for the US visa. 

Non-immigrant visa applications between 14 and 79 years old must undergo an interview. To have this, you need to schedule an appointment with the US embassy or consulate in the country you’re applying from. Remember to schedule your interview as early as possible because the embassy tends to deal with a high workload. You don’t want to keep waiting and keep your interview waiting for much longer. 

By the time you have submitted your Form DS-160, you must already make an interview appointment. You’ll receive a confirmation letter after doing this, which you must bring with you on the scheduled interview date.

  1. Compile all the necessary documents. 

Apart from your application form, you must also see to it that you have all the required documents for your US visa application. These documents will help prove to the embassy that you meet all the qualifications and requirements of the visa you’re applying for. 

  1. Attend the interview. 

The final step is attending the interview. For this, remember to be there on time while bringing with you all the supporting documents. The interviewees will often ask queries about your background and other significant background information or details about your application. 

  1. Wait for your application to be processed. 

After your interview, you only have to wait for the processing of your application. Processing time usually varies depending on the visa type you have applied for, but you can expect to wait for days or even months. When your visa has already been processed, then you can find out whether your application is denied or approved. 

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