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How to Choose a Golf Rangefinder: The Do’s and Don’ts



Golfing is a sport that requires precision and accuracy. Many consider it to be an art form, in which the player has to have a keen eye for detail in order to succeed. One of the most important parts of golfing is choosing a golf rangefinder. A golfer relies heavily on their tools when they play this game, so being able to choose from one of many options can be difficult at times. In this article, we will go over some dos and don’ts when selecting your next golf rangefinder.



It is extremely important when choosing a golf rangefinder. The golfer should always aim to choose the most accurate device available, as it is their main tool for success on the green. It’s best to go with something that has high ratings or customer reviews of accuracy and precision.



Price is another factor that you must consider before buying your new golf rangefinder. Price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, but it’s one of many factors that you should think about before buying a rangefinder.



An important aspect when deciding on which golf rangefinder to buy is what brand or model it is. This portion can also come with some confusion since there are so many options to choose from. Many people will recommend going with the brand name that you trust and may have more experience in, but it is also important for a golfer to branch out and try something new as well.


Customer Reviews 

It’s always a good practice when deciding on anything to read some customer reviews or ratings about the product from team golf store before buying it. This is extremely important when you are considering to purchase a good golf rangefinder. Reading some reviews will give you insight on whether or not the product works well, if it has any problems with accuracy, and what other customers thought of their purchase.


Battery Life 

Another important factor that you need to consider when choosing a golf rangefinder is battery life. It’s always best to have something with high reviews of long-lasting batteries, as it saves money in the long run if your device dies frequently on you during playtime.



You should also take durability into account before buying any new product. Durability is extremely important when you are considering buying a golf rangefinder because it’s something that will be on the course with you during playtime. You want to make sure that your device can withstand whatever conditions may arise out there.


Ease of Use 

Another factor to consider when choosing the right golf rangefinder for yourself is how easy it is to use. You want something that has a design or interface that you are comfortable using and know how to navigate around without any difficulty, as this will make your playtime much more enjoyable.


Display Technology  

Display technology is another factor that one should consider when choosing it. There are many different types of display technologies out there, including color displays and black & white ones. One can choose whatever they feel most comfortable using or whichever type they think works best for them on the course.


Slope Measurement Feature

The slope measurement feature is another factor to consider when buying a golf rangefinder. It’s always best to choose something that has this option as it makes for an easier time on the course with figuring out your shot distances and how much you need to adjust accordingly.


Water Proof  

When choosing a golf rangefinder, there are several things to think about, including whether it’s weatherproof. Waterproofing makes for an easier time on the course, as you don’t have to worry about your device malfunctioning due to being exposed to moisture in any way.


Look and Storage 

The last factor that one should consider when choosing a golf rangefinder is the look and storage of the product. You want something that has a design or appearance that you enjoy using, as this will be on the course with you most often during playtime. Storage is also important since it makes for an easier time tucking your device away when it’s not being used.


Concluding Remark

The best way to ensure that your next golf rangefinders work great for years to come is by doing a lot of research and reading all the information you can get about them. There are many different options when it comes to these devices, but with a little bit of knowledge and common sense, you should be able to help narrow down your search in finding the best one for your budget.

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