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3rd Annual CofC Day Raises $6.7 Million



By: CofC Media

On Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022, the College of Charleston held its third annual CofC Day, celebrating gifts totaling $6.7 million. During the 24 hours of giving, 2,554 donors stepped forward, an impressive 33% increase from the previous year. More than 500 of those donors were current CofC students.

“CofC Day is fast becoming a great tradition here at the College of Charleston,” says President Andrew T. Hsu. “Since it launched during our 250th celebration in 2020, CofC Day is a day where we celebrate all things College of Charleston. I want to thank our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners for their engagement and, of course, for their generosity. Their gifts make a tremendous difference in the College of Charleston’s ability to deliver on its academic mission and to create a university experience unlike any other.”

CofC Day kicked off at 12:01 a.m. with 15 giving challenges that ranged from the Alumni Association Leaders to the Real Estate Program challenges.

Nicholas Glover ’05 pledged a donation of $50,000 with the participation of 1,000 alumni, a goal that was reached by 7 p.m.

“The College was a great investment for me,” says Glover. “I’m happy to give back so future generations can thrive in the same diverse, liberal arts setting that helped shape who I am.”

The Alumni Association Leaders Challenge, initiated by Board President Derrick Williams ’99 with a $5,000 pledge, and matched by Laurie Minges ’83 and Brady Quirk-Garvan ’08, inspired the generosity of over 100 alumni.

This year, 50 donors also contributed to the institutional diversity fund in support of the 1967 Legacy Program.

“The Legacy Program is important to me because it is providing me with the means to learn so much more about myself as a Black woman and my potential as a scholar,” says student Amber Anderson, who is among the inaugural group of 1967 Legacy Scholars. “It is imperative that this program continues because I would love to see other scholars after me take a dive into Black history and modern-day Black excellence, which are often left out of the high school curriculum.”

Events continued throughout CofC Day, both online and in person, including a pep rally in the Cistern Yard with President Hsu, the Chucktown Sound pep band, the Cheerleading Team, the Cougarettes Dance Team, and, of course, Clyde the Cougar. A total of 20 CofC Club parties with more than 550 attendees spanned the globe from London to Los Angeles. Throughout the day, more than 100 faculty and staff volunteered their time to communicate with donors. The evening broadcast was hosted by two alumni anchors, Lu Parker ’90, of KTLA in Los Angeles, and Mikel Hannah-Harding ’19, of WRDW/WAGT in Augusta, Georgia, featuring performances by student acapella groups, the CofC Concert Choir, the national champion Cheerleading Team and the national champion Cougarettes Dance Team.

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