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Gift Ideas For Your Younger Family Members By Age Range



If you have nieces, nephews, younger cousins, or siblings and their birthday is coming up soon, you’re probably thinking about what gift you can get them. This can be tricky territory, depending on what they’re like and how old they are – you don’t want to get it wrong. So, in this blog, we’re going to look at the different age ranges and what kind of gifts you should consider, whether it’s the perfect gift for a 12 year old girl or a newborn baby boy.

5 and under

If you’re getting a gift for a baby, toddler, or preschooler, it can sometimes be a little easier than getting a gift for older children, as it’s more about what the parent wants than the child. The likelihood is they’ll already have plenty of toys and clothes, so a more practical gift could be helpful, such as weaning tools, a baby blanket, or for when they’re nearing school age, you can buy items to get them ready. This will be a big help for their guardians.

Between 6 and 9

Now, when they’re getting a little older and their personalities are beginning to shine, along with any hobbies or interests, gift-buying can get a tad more complicated, as they are growing up so fast. With this, getting them something that can encourage an extracurricular activity or their schoolwork can be a fantastic way to give them something that can have a positive impact on them.

Find out their favorite school subjects and try to get them a present that complements this – if they love sports, get them a racket, ball, or bat. If they have a flair for history, consider an age-appropriate book, such as one of the Horrible Histories. If art is their thing, a kids’ easel, canvas, paintbrush, and paint will do the trick – you get the idea.


If you’re buying a gift for a child between the ages of 10 and 12, they’re at an age where they’re experiencing a lot of changes in their life, so this is something to be aware of. By this stage, they’re definitely their own person, with strong opinions and ideas. Going out for a day trip with them and allowing them to bring a friend and have a little freedom is a great idea, as they’re currently too young to go to places on their own easily. By having their friend there with them they still have someone their age to interact with – think the cinema, bowling, a meal out, etc.


Now they’re teenagers they’re really getting grown-up. In some cases, when they get to this age, it’s probably easier for them to pick their own gifts as that way they are sure to pick something that they like. You could consider getting them a voucher, giving them cash, or putting money towards something they are saving towards, whether that’s a new mobile phone or even a car.

These are just ideas – of course, each individual is different, no matter their age. If you’re really unsure, then it’s probably best just to play it safe and ask them or their parents directly what you should get them.

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