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Palmetto State Abortion Fund Issues Statement on Pair of Abortion Bills



The Palmetto State Abortion Fund, South Carolina’s first and only abortion fund focused on the Palmetto State only, released the following statement after state lawmakers advanced a pair of abortion bills:

“While legislators in Columbia debate bills that would restrict bodily autonomy and criminalize abortions, we remain committed to supporting every South Carolinian who needs an abortion. Since our official launch we have raised over $3,000 to cover abortion costs because we believe that abortion is healthcare, and no one has the right to impede on a person’s medical decisions they make with their own doctor.

Bill S. 907 is a particularly concerning bill due to the fact that it would require providers to share medically inaccurate information about medication abortions. This dangerous misinformation alleges that you can “reverse” medication abortions – this is unproven, unethical, and sure to cause great harm to patients.

Bill S. 988 is problematic for multiple reasons. First, it uses language that refers to a fertilized egg as a person. This has a much broader impact than just on abortions. Other than making abortion illegal, this bill would make IUDs, other contraceptive methods, and Plan B illegal because they could prevent a fertilized egg from implanting into the uterus. Bill S. 988 has IVF implications as well. People seeking IVF typically produce multiple fertilized eggs to ensure treatment works and that pregnancy happens. Donors and medical professionals who dispose of unused eggs could be charged with homicide. This bill could go as far as to criminalize miscarriage and stillbirth, because who is to say that’s really what happened? This would take an already traumatized person and subject them to police questioning, potential criminal charges, and imprisonment.

Believe it or not, this has happened elsewhere in our country. Both bills have dire consequences for pregnant people, no matter if they decide to continue a pregnancy or not. We need our legislators to stop playing politics with our medical decisions and stop the bans on our bodies. Palmetto State Abortion Fund will be here to support every pregnant South Carolinian, no matter what they choose – because it is their choice, and theirs alone.”

You can learn more about the Palmetto State Abortion Fund here.

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