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5 Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party



If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do for your bachelorette party, or you want to make the night one to remember, we’ve got a few fun-filled ideas for you! From glamping trips to adventure parks, there’s something here for every bride and her bachelorette party. So, take your pick, and more importantly, happy planning! 

1) Go Wild at an Adventure Park!

Unleash your wild side at an adventure park! Sure, you’re about to tie the knot, but you don’t have to tame your inner child just yet. You can go as wild as you like at an adventure park, from ziplining to bossing your way through the open treetop trails. And remember, not all bachelorette parties revolve around cocktails, and adventure parks are a great way to keep things fun! 

2) Host a Boozy Virtual Escape Room Night

On the other hand, hosting a boozy virtual escape room night is what it’s all about. For those who haven’t yet dabbled with the challenge of breaking free from an escape room, this will make your bachelorette party one to remember! You can pick from countless themes, but be sure to pick something you know everyone will enjoy and understand. Otherwise, there may be no escape for your team! 

3) Book a Spa Staycation 

Every bride needs to let loose and relax before their big day, so why not turn it into a staycation with your nearest and dearest? Of course, there’s no telling that you can’t bring the groom along! But, at least you’ll get to switch off, unwind and feel refreshed before your emotions run wild. Choose from aromatherapy, waxing, or even a hot stone massage. Then, take a well-deserved, relaxing dip in the jacuzzi with a chilled glass of prosecco or wine. What’s not to love about spas? And since it’s a staycation, you can do this every day that you’re there. 

4) Go Glamping 

If a spa weekend doesn’t take your fancy, then glamping definitely will. It’s like camping, but without a tent. You get a nice comfy bed, clean water, and, in some cases, a warm log fire to sit around at night with a glass or two of wine. What’s more, you can still get signal and Wi-Fi. So, you can keep tabs on the groom. 

5) Hire a Room at the Movie Theater

Finally, if you were hoping for an alcohol-free bachelorette or your circumstances mean you shouldn’t drink, there’s one more option you could try… hiring a room at the movie theater. Be sure to pick a luxury theater room, as you want to be comfy and feel like you’re in first class. After all, it is your bachelorette we’re talking about here! You’ll have plenty of soft drinks and snacks to choose from, so there’s plenty to keep you going through your ultimate movie night. 

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