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Lucky Charms for any Casino Game



Though skill is important for some online casino games, luck is the key thing for most of them. Games such as poker and blackjack depend on your level of expertise, but to win a round of slots and roulette, you need to be born under a lucky star.

Some think you can’t really affect your levels of luck, but having a lucky charm in your pocket while playing may impact your games. Here are some of the best lucky charms for online gambling.

Chinese lucky golden cats

If you frequent Chinese restaurants or stores, you have probably seen the figure of a golden cat. Sometimes you can see it waving its tiny paw! It’s because in Chinese culture these golden statues are seen as bearers of great fortune.

Funnily enough, in Chinese folklore, cats are usually regarded as omens of bad luck, but this isn’t the case for golden cats. Receiving a golden cat statue as a gift means that a potentially horrible event will eventually turn out fine.

As a charm, it denotes both protection against evil and a turning of evil into good. Based on Feng Shui, this charm will bring you a lot of money, good fortune, and protection which is definitely what you need when gambling online. Apart from good luck charms, it’s also great to use up the amazing bonuses, so check free code here! No deposit bonuses will help you take home the plentiful wins.

Elephant statues

Another animal statue to make your charm is the powerful elephant. Feng shui practice also popularized the use of elephant charms. People of many countries in Asia such as India, Thailand, and China believe in the power of the elephant. It is said that elephants bring good luck, power, knowledge, and fertility.

A picture of an elephant with its head high to the sky and trunk in the mid of trump is considered a good luck symbol. Many believers in feng shui have this emblem in front of their family houses and businesses. It can also be often seen in the design of certain casinos’ logos and interiors.

The four-leaf clover

This charm is probably one of the most famous ones on this list. While the other good omens we’ve featured are most prevalent in Eastern cultures, the practice of holding onto a four-leaf clover you find is most common in the West.

The clover is also a symbol of the entire country of Ireland and their patron saint, St Patrick is often pictured with the charm. Though, it’s interesting that the Irish symbol is actually a three-leaf clover. Talk about the Mandela effect! Nevertheless, four-leaf clovers are quite special because they’re extremely rare to find in nature. So, it’s no surprise that they are thought to bring great luck, hope, and even true love.

Koi fish bring great wealth

If you’re gambling in order to take home huge amounts of cash, you should get yourself something with a symbol of a koi fish. Some people even get them tattooed because they think that they will have good fortune, plus they look pretty cool too.

If you’re looking for something less permanent, you can just get a poster of the fish or a small figurine. You can also buy the real fish, but only if you are ready to take care of a pet. Make sure to place the aquarium near your front door for ultimate results. Of course, you need to regularly feed the fish and maintain its tiny living quarters since there’s no worse luck than having the fish passing while in your care.

The Hamsa hand

Many cultures believe in the power of the Hamsa hand, notably Middle Eastern and North African. This amulet looks like a very intricately designed hand with an eye in the middle of the palm. This eye looks very similar to the Nazar charm, which is said to protect the wearer against all evils.


Some depictions of the Hamsa hand have the same precautionary property, notably, the ones with fingers all spread out. When the fingers are together, it is thought to bring great fortune. If you’re looking for a perfect charm to wear while gambling, the second version of the Hamsa hand is perfectly suited for the role.

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