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How Can Emily Mendel’s Novel “Station Eleven” Affect the Development of Students’ Personalities?



Station Eleven by Emily Mendel narrates about a group of individuals that survived a pandemic that had devastating effects on them. The opening chapters begin with the time when the pandemic began, a time when King Lear died on stage.

The pandemic would quickly spread throughout the world and affect millions of people. Twenty years later, a traveling symphony visits the post-apocalyptic settlements. They perform a song that reveals how the pandemic had made life worse. The novel can have greater effects on students’ personalities in various ways.

Learn from the past

Most often, people easily forget the past and focus on the future only. Unknown to them, the past has a lot of lessons it teaches them, which can help them focus better on the future. Students make a lot of mistakes but if they take them as their chance to learn, they can forge their character and turn it into a better person both now and in the future.

Before the pandemic struck, Station Eleven was a vibrant place. Society was highly developed and technology was advancing fast. Amid these developments, society forgot about culture and the value of art. After its collapse, those were the very things they were left with – culture and art.

Station Eleven free essays for reference

If you are given a college assignment to analyze a post-apocalypse tale, the best way to go about it is to keep the focus on the impacts of disaster. If you are interrogating Station Eleven, a student may want to interrogate some central questions about society qualities and what is timeless. To help you perform better in education through skilled writing, read the available “Station Eleven” essays on WritingBros for reference to broaden your knowledge base in diverse essay topics. When you study an essay example, you can create topics that you hadn’t thought about before and still leave your teacher impressed.

Look ahead and survive

When people go through tough experiences, they can either choose to move on or to stare at their past or get stuck on it. It is okay to look into the past and learn from it, but here you are with a long future to live. Even when there is no reason to live because everything is taken away, the inner person must be strong to survive.

One of the themes that strongly comes out in this novel is you have lost more is you remember more. Masses in Station Eleven died from the flu. To some degree, the survivors were feeling guilty that they didn’t do enough to help them.

Since they were the ones who survived, they had no option to devise the best ways to survive. They turned to art while others embraced religion and spirituality.

Broaden your vision

No matter where you are, opportunities will present themselves before you but you must know how to grab them and run with them. If you only stay in one place feeling sorry for yourself, you might as well be like those who were swept off by the pandemic. You should look beyond the horizons and expand your vision.

After the pandemic, Garret gets a chance to read a report extract of a conversation he had with himself and Clark twenty years ago. Clark speaks about a worker who interacted very well with clients but didn’t have the skills to close a deal. As a result, his successful interactions only brought a loss to the company. What he didn’t have was a go-getter personality that looked into success only.

Getting connections is like a double-edged sword

No matter how few the people in your community might be, none of them can survive on their own. Everyone needs someone to connect with for ideas, encouragement, and information. The Station Eleven survivors were able to connect and find the meaning of life. Build a personality that seeks information from around the world and looks deeper for the kind of opportunities it presents before you.


The novel Station Eleven by Emily Mendel narrates about a community that was affected by deadly flu and most of them died. Twenty years later, the survivors are still grappling with new ways to survive. The novel’s themes can have a big effect on student personalities in various ways. It can help them develop a survivor personality where they learn from the past and forge for the future. It can also help them develop a personality that stops at nothing until they succeed.

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