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What You Really Get with Custom Essays



The Truth About Customer Essays

When writing an essay for college courses, students may face some challenges. A custom essay must be completely unique and provide an argument as well as supporting valid details. Essays are not fast projects and they can take days to research and prepare. If you have essays on your plate and need help, some trustworthy essay writing services are available. Here, we learn what you will get with custom essays and whether they provide the value promised for an affordable cost.

Low-Quality Papers

With so many companies and thousands of writers claiming they can create a custom essay, some students fall into the trap of going with the cheapest service. While this will save you money, it will not save you time. Low-cost essay services are often not as reliable and the quality of the paper will suffer. Writers may not be native English speaking, which can lead to grammatical errors and the misuse of important phrases.

Low-cost essays do exist and many top essay writing services will offer great value and quality for a lower cost. The key is to perform research ahead of time. Make sure that writers are educated and speak English and that you will always be in contact with them. You always want to watch for free revisions and a money-back guarantee. To avoid receiving a low-quality paper, you need to work with reputable writers that have consistently created top-notch essays.

Are They Really Custom?

When you receive an assignment in college, you are expected to complete the work and provide original content. There is no college, or even high school, in the world that will accept papers that contain plagiarism. This is one possible pitfall you will run into when using writing services. While companies often state they guarantee papers that are free from plagiarism, you may still find copied content in the essay.

You may even be required to pay an additional fee to check for plagiarism. Any service that wants more money to prove the content is unique should be avoided. You want to make sure they stand by a 100% original guarantee right away without having to pay more for an additional check. As a rule, you should always recheck any papers after receipt to make sure they are free from plagiarized content and that they meet all of the required specifications.

Pros and Cons

When using a reputable essay writing service, you can benefit from ordering a custom essay from top-notch writers. These papers are delivered on time and reduce your workload. Since you are placing the assignment in the hands of a capable writer, you should not have concerns about originality or copied content. Hiring a professional writer to complete a custom essay can help students that have multiple assignments due or have tight due dates.

While there are many benefits, these services also fall short in some areas. While they may meet initial deadlines, requests for revisions will extend the completion time. One thing to consider is that when hiring someone else to write an essay, you are not building the skills needed for academic success. Using these services as a starting point is a great option, but you will still need to put in some work and know how to structure a good essay.


Determining whether purchasing a custom essay is a good or bad choice will all depend on the student and the service being used. There are many great options to get help when writing and you can connect with educated and trained writers that can offer great assistance. Always be aware of the possible downfalls to using writing services and make sure that you will be getting a good value for the money being spent.

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