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Educational Books about Puberty for Teens



For some folks, puberty can be a fun experience but for most school kids, this is a very stressful period of physical and emotional changes that can shape their lives forever. They suddenly discover new things about themselves and their bodies that can frighten them or make them insecure or vulnerable in many ways. 

There are many puberty books or publications that became popular in recent decades as they dared to explain all puberty taboo topics to confused teenagers in some very understandable terms. Such textbooks on body transformations and hormone changes in our bodies can help each youngster to deal better with his puberty issues. Sometimes, one nicely written book can be a source of great comfort for those who just need one word of understanding or encouragement. 

It’s Perfectly Normal

Convincing frightened teens that everything going on with them is in fact normal or natural ain’t such an easy task but Robie Harris managed to pull it off with class. In a sea of puberty books for girls and boys, this one stands out with its straight-to-your-face attitude that tells things as they are without sugarcoating anything too much. 

That is probably why many teens loved it immediately while many critics scolded it for too much explicit content, but one cannot deny Harris’s immaculate writing style. She covers a wide variety of topics including pregnancy, sexual abuse, and reproductive organs hygiene. Her judgments are based on her own experience, meticulous research, and she does not shy away from controversial subjects like birth control or abortion either.

What was so groundbreaking about this book was the fact that Robie made many taboo subjects into topics that can be discussed with ease or humor behind it. There are not many Abortion Essay Examples that portray this issue in any relatable way for young women who seek proper guidance about this serious matter. It is very important to talk openly with teenagers about abortions or other controversial issues while giving them as much useful information, and It’s Perfectly Normal does this with amazing ease. It also opens a debate about the meaning of sex as a gender attribute, orientation, or a part of human reproduction. It stood the test of time and it’s still one of the best-selling puberty books worldwide.

Wait, What?

An average college student can read essay papers about explicit topics or watch online class videos on various platforms, but a teenager doesn’t have many credible sources of information. That is why books such as Wait, What? can give them answers they have been waiting for a long time in a humorous and easygoing fashion. Initially considered as one of those puberty books for boys it resonates with girls too as it deals with an issue of relationships, crushes, and new feelings that come as a result. 

It makes some strong points about personal boundaries, consent, and gender stereotypes with some crafty cartoonish narrative. This book is one joint work of three authors who write their best to provide basic knowledge about intimacy to young teens who have never felt these complicated emotions before. 

Celebrate Your Body

This book was written by Sonya Taylor, one of the pioneers of the body positivity movement which can tell you right away what this book is all about. It is about celebrating our bodies, rejecting body shaming, promoting self-love, reproductive rights, and making peace with yourself. Among all good reads for teens, this one really hits that nerve, just like some controversial essays on teenage pregnancy, or abortion rights that really dive into their subject. Sonya is more like a teacher than a writer in her pursuit of social justice or emancipation of young women who should stand for themselves and their rights. According to her writing, it should all start with accepting your body and loving yourself more than anyone else ever will. 

After reading these aforementioned books, your teenage son or daughter will have a much clearer understanding of the body changes that they are going through. Hopefully, they will embrace these transformations and learn some valuable lessons that they have nothing to be afraid of as they embark on this long journey of self-discovery. In a vast library of adolescence books, there are a few gems like the ones we mentioned that do not beat around the bushes as they deliver many uncomfortable answers.

They do this in a positive tone, often with a dose of humor thus inviting teens to accept themselves as they are rather than trying to live up to some unattainable standard of beauty. These reads cannot supplement proper sex education or those unavoidable awkward conversations with your parents but they are a good accessory that is needed for teenagers growing up in today’s world.

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