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What Are the Most Common Problems Students Face at College



College students are magnetic. They attract problems for themselves. Being a college student you will have a lot of problems during these days, which won’t necessarily be avoidable. Just to talk to you about those, and about how can you help me with my homework, we’ve decided to bring it up.

1. Mental Health:

Mental health is a genuine concern among college students. Experts often term it as an “epidemic” due to its widespread characteristics. Depression and anxiety are ubiquitous in colleges and special care at the management level is being taken to handle the crisis.


Students often don’t like to talk about their mental health during their college days. You might feel vulnerable talking about your issues than suffering them alone. Depression is the major cause of suicide worldwide and is not to be taken lightly.


Due to academic, financial, and romantic reasons, students often feel that they have wronged their close ones, and themselves. Oftentimes, simple talks and academic success help them snap out of it but could be risky if not treated. 

2. Homework:

College means a lot of homework, assignment, and classes. Everyone you know, who’ve gone to any sort of college, has faced it, and you have to too. Homeworks could be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you are from a science background. But, not doing it, or failing to acknowledge the deadline will be more critical for you.


Homeworks are generally assigned by the respective professors around what the taught in the class. If you are a regular student, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to solve. Even if you are stuck somewhere, you can always ask for help if you are being present in their classes regularly. 

3. Financial Problem:

Financial problems are omnipresent in students’ lives. And if you have a debt on you, the pain goes deeper. Stress to complete college, get a job, be financially independent wears you down. College fees are not very affordable. For a decent education, having financial stability is as important as having the persuasion to challenge the problems at college. 


But, not everyone is capable to secure a scholarship to have their finances covered. For those of you, it’s important that you save a lot during these days. Don’t go dining out every other day, cut down on alcohol, and try to survive on rented books. 


4. Time Management:

Trailing from the last point. For some of you, having a job during college is essential. To be attending the job regularly, being present in the class, giving enough time for the homework, and ensuring that friends don’t get left out, students forget to secure time for themselves and get frustrated pretty quickly and decide to drop out.


It’s not the solution. Being able to manage time is a skill that might go a long way in your career. Prioritize what’s important and how much. Make a schedule around that. If something gets left out today, include it tomorrow. Don’t leave anything dormant.

The Bottom Line:

It’s impossible to be at college and not have any problems, but not everything is up to you to solve. Talking to counsellors, parents, friends might help, but in the end, it’s up to you to decide what needs to be done and what needs to be ignored.


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