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The Advantages & Disadvantages That Come With the Legalization of Gambling Across the US



Whenever a new law is proposed by the government of a particular country or state, it faces a long process of extensive research as well as numerous board meetings and professional consultations before it can get voted in by the leading party, and this process can be short in some jurisdictions, while very long in others. A very clear example of this phenomena would be the legalisation of gambling amongst the United States of America. While it has been legalized and regulated in some states, others are still completely against it.

From the day when gambling was completely banned from across all of America near the end of 1910 till today, a total of 48 states have legalized gambling or sports betting in some way, shape or form. From this, we can gather a lot of information about the effects left behind the legalization of such activities and we can also outline a lot of advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

Starting off with the advantages;

When it comes to legalizing a controversial subject like gambling, it can be a little bit difficult for the proposers to completely justify the fact that the advantages that come with legislation of said subject, which is why we can find many clear interpretations of them upon research.

Regulating & Licensing Gambling organizations

When you legalize gambling in a state and regulate it, you would not only have a record of all the gambling activity across the state, you would be able to regulate its fairness, as well as its limits, taxes & more. All of the top gambling sites in America abide by strict regulations and are officially licensed by gambling authorities so that they offer a trustworthy environment for those who want to put their money on the line securely.

Large volumes of Revenue

Not only does having casinos within your jurisdiction give you a whole new industry which is filled to the brim with potential for generating competitive amounts of revenue, it also increases rates of tourism, and expands the variety of activities and businesses that work through the nightlife.

More Job Opportunities

Both the land based and online gambling industry introduce a lot of particular jobs that can have environments unlike any other and can have very attractive pays for rather easy computer work. This means a lot more jobs are going to be up for grabs and many people are going to want in on this blooming and unique industry.

And now, the disadvantages;

With gambling come a number of disadvantages that can sometimes affect people in society negatively. These are the main reasons why at some point it was seen as a good idea to make gambling illegal in several countries across the world.

Ease of access and exposure to everyone

When gambling is legal, it can be advertised amongst media that is accessible by anyone, therefore children watching television with their family can be exposed to information about gambling, which can spark curiosity in the minds of children as they grow up, increasing the chance of them trying it out when they grow up.

It’s highly addictive

Some say that the addiction of gambling is just as bad as any drug out there. It is undeniable that gambling addictions can cause a lot of pain and suffering, and can lead to very bad situations, such as destroying lives, families, and even leading some to poverty.

Overall across the US and how it stands in South Carolina

Overall, only two states (Hawaii & Utah,) are still in favor of completely banning any way or form of gambling. In the rest of the states, the gambling industry has generated around 250 billion US dollars in revenue and has employed over 2 million civilians.


In the case of South Carolina, it all started when it was declared a state and immediately banned all forms of gambling. In 2001, the South Carolina lottery made its first appearance. In 2003, tribal gaming compacts were about to hit the market but were rejected, and in 2008, gambling cruises were legislated and regulated. Nowadays the legislation is rather restrictive when you compare it to its neighbouring states, however lotteries are still allowed and have generated some $4 billion USD in revenue over the past two decades. Even though no casinos are found in this state, you can still access online gambling sites online and play casino games with real money safely with offshore betting sites.


According to state legislation, it’s not evident how well the authority maintains its tight prohibition on personal betting. People who own residences and enable others to wager for whichever sum of cash face a criminal charge if they permit it. It is a crime to commit a second violation within this rule, but the penalty is additionally accompanied by an obligatory prison term. Unlawful wealth jeopardizing appears to be the central issue, and South Carolina has an authority to control this activity properly. We don’t have any precedent to draw on when it comes to the government punishing anyone for unlawful wagering, therefore we can’t provide an exact view.

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