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Charleston Properties Meet Continuing Demand for Beautiful Outdoor Space



While Charleston is growing in popularity as a world destination, property forecasters predict that, despite being small with a population of only 150,000, the city will feature in the top ten of lists of the best places to live in the US for several years to come. The trend for homebuyers to leave larger urban cities in search of more outdoor space is continuing and, in addition to historic charm and a high standard of living, Charleston and the surrounding area offer plenty of properties with large gardens and easy access to areas of natural beauty.  To meet growing demand for homes in the area, there are several new developments underway that combine elegant internal features with luxury outdoor amenities and views of beautiful rivers and coastlines.  Whether they are looking for historic mansions with lush gardens and manicured lawns, or a modern ocean front condo, prospective homebuyers seeking the benefits of being surrounded by landscaped greenery and natural outdoor spaces in Charleston will not be disappointed.
The Benefits of Landscaped Greenery
As more buyers are happy to pay extra for land and access to open spaces, homeowners are finding that landscaped gardens add value to a property.  As well as improving a home’s curb appeal to attract potential buyers, studies have shown that being surrounded by plants and greenery is also surprisingly beneficial for homeowners. Well maintained gardens and lawns create attractive and relaxing environments that enhance individual homes and the local neighborhood. In addition, gardens and other green spaces can improve health and wellbeing by elevating moods and decreasing levels of stress.
Access to Large Natural Spaces
Spending more time at home has led many homeowners to reassess their priorities when it comes to looking at new properties.  With the option of remote working and a desire for more open space, small southern towns are seeing strong home sales, and median home prices in Charleston have risen by over $50,000 between 2020 and 2121.  As well as private gardens, buyers are looking for access to larger and more remote green spaces with striking natural features such as lakes and rivers and coastlines, all of which are on offer in South Carolina.
Homes with Outdoor Amenities
While more buyers are enjoying the large open spaces within easy reach of their homes, there are also plenty of properties currently on the market in Charleston that offer a wide variety of traditional and alternative outdoor spaces and luxury amenities within their grounds.  Wraparound piazzas and walled courtyards provide attractive settings for outdoor living, while rooftop terraces offer views over Ashley River and across the city’s skyline. Large detached properties feature outdoor pools and fish ponds while even one bedroom condos have their own patios and access to shared community lawns.
The city of Charleston looks set to remain popular with anyone wanting to relocate from other states or indeed from around the world. While it offers a range of benefits, the city’s green spaces and proximity to nature makes it particularly attractive to potential homebuyers.
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