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Fun and Games at Treasure Fair Online Slot



Take slot machines out of Las Vegas casinos and within a few short months venues like The Bellagio and The Venetian would be out of business. Likewise, if you were to remove slot machines from online providers there would be an enormous queue of companies waiting to register their bankruptcy.

These spinning, whirring, shiny games that we love are the real lifeblood of casinos, both online and land-based. They are the largest revenue drivers and the main attraction for experienced and new gamblers alike.

There are various themed slot games available online, from movie themed slots to space themed slots, there’s something for everyone!

In today’s article we take a look at Treasure Fair slot, a slot made by gaming pioneers Random Logic. Read on to find out why we recommend this slot game as one not to be missed!

Treasure Fair: Critical Information

ManufacturerRandom LogicPaylines25
ProgressiveYesBet Parameters£0.01 – £12.50
Bonus FeaturesYesJackpotx1,500
AutoplayYesFree SpinsYes


The Story Line

There used to be a time when a slot producer could come up with a theme that involved a Leprechaun on holiday in a foreign country and get away with it. Rightfully, players are now asking for much more from their slots than just lazy stereotypes and tired clichés.

Treasure Fair is a slot that avoids falling into all of those old traps as it brings a unique and engaging theme to its players. The game is set in a Tim Burton style fairground full of odd and macabre characters and an eerie soundtrack replete with dramatic sound effects.

It ends up being a really unique slot that effortlessly builds a feeling of suspense, which is essentially what we are all craving when we play slots. If you’re bored of tragic Leprechaun/Cleopatra/Horse Racing (delete as applicable) slots, then Treasure Fair could be just the tonic for you.

The eerie music and ambience of this game will really draw you in and have you on the edge of your seat throughout.


The Features

A slot can look good and be visually appealing but what we’re really interested in is the features. Does Treasure Fair do well in this aspect? Here are the features along with a review as to how they play and what they bring, or take from the game.

Auto Play: This is a fairly standard feature on any modern slot but it’s worth mentioning as it does make playing this slot that little bit easier. You can take advantage of the auto play feature for up to 75 spins, but you’ll probably need to intervene before then in one of the game’s other features.

Wheel of Fortune: What could be better than a wheel of fortune? Except for a wheel of guaranteed cash? This feature unlocks if you land on three of the bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. When unlocked you can spin the wheel to play bonus games where you can win up to 5 times your stake or multipliers for your next spins.

Our complaint about this feature would be that it is relatively difficult to unlock and the prizes on offer don’t seem to reflect that.

Exploding Wild: Keep an eye on the third reel as this is where an Exploding Wild will appear to trigger free spins. The graphics and sound effects make it feel as though you’ve won the jackpot even though you haven’t…

Double Your Money: Have you ever trusted your finances with a monkey? Well you can on this game by using this feature. Click the ‘double up’ button and you’ll be given the opportunity to double your money by asking a monkey to flip a coin for you.

This is a great feature, which although risky, really does add an extra element of fun to your gaming session.

There is the option to double your money in Treasure Fair.


Progressive Jackpot: There are lots of mealy-mouthed excuses for not offering progressive jackpots nowadays that quite frankly, don’t hold much water. So, to see Treasure Fair offering one is a positive, although we are of the opinion that this should just be the norm for the top games.

Treasure Fair: The Verdict

Should you play Treasure Fair? Well, ultimately that’s a decision for you to make but we’ll definitely be playing it again. It’s a game that is unique on the market and one that seems to have been designed to maximise player’s enjoyment.

Unlike other games out there that have been clearly designed to make as much money as possible, Treasure Fair just seems that little bit purer. Obviously you’ll lose more than you win in the long run and the RTP isn’t that alluring, but we think it’s a price worth playing to enjoy an original, authentic slot.

If you’re reading this Random Logic, maybe add in some actual prizes in the Wheel of Fortune feature though…

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