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10 Fascinating Short Stories for Students




Students are always too busy to read books, not even for study, but themselves. And reading books, especially stories is an activity every scholar should adapt to for maximum academic excellence. However, some stories are far too long and boring that most learners don’t even want to hear about them.

Any educational short story, on the other hand, expresses clear and fascinating narratives that incite students to read more. A relevant example is the yellow wallpaper. Many school teachers encourage their learners to read this book because of its funny and life lesson depiction. You can take a glance at free essays on the yellow wallpaper online. Find most of the yellow wallpaper essay examples for students here. In this review, we’ll quickly summarize the best college short stories any student can read for fun. Let’s dive in!

‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

A woman diagnosed by her spouse to be suffering from overexpressing her emotions and nervous depression was impounded. Apart from her husband being a doctor, he felt confining her to a bedroom upstairs in their summer house would change her condition. But all she did was jot her confinement in a journal. According to the book, this action didn’t have a positive effect on her predicament.

‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ by D.H. Lawrence

D.H Lawrence is an American writer known for her interesting short tales. The rocking-horse winner explains how a successful yet unlucky single mother of two children lived on her middle-class paying job.

It was revealed that her son who rides a rocking horse became lucky and successful by picking the winner of horse races. From our point of view, even a university graduate can read this book for motivation to live a successful life.

‘The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber’ by Ernest Hemingway

This book was written by Ernest Hemingway as one of the most fascinating short moral stories for students. Here, two American couples lived on an Africa safari. Wilson Macomber, a professional hunter with his wife, Francis Macomber was both living a jungle life. The thrilling part of this book was when during one of Macombers’ hunting outings, a wounded lion charged at him.

‘Shiloh’ by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

This short story explains how the injured husband, Leroy, worried about his wife’s recent attitude. But Norma Jean, Leroy’s wife, who is working at a drugstore to support both her injured husband and herself feels different. What if Jeans’ attitude is because of the painful loss of her baby son?

‘Cathedral’ by Ben Hopkins

Cathedral is a short story about a woman who shared contact with a blind man by mailing tapes to each other. The blind man’s wife’s recent departure made him plan a visit to his in-laws. On his way, he also planned to spend a night at the woman’s who recently got married. The problem now is whether her new husband would welcome such a visit?

‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin

To her greatest surprise, a working-class woman heard the shocking news that her husband died in a major accident. The shock was too much that she spent over an hour processing the information with different emotions. So sad right?

‘The Necklace’ by Guy de Maupassant

This is another moral short story for college students where a woman borrowed a necklace to attend a party. Mathilde is an expensive woman with high tastes. But she got married to a minor government official with low pay. Was it right for her to borrow the necklace? What ever happened to the necklace?

‘Silence’ by Shūsaku Endō

Tadeusz Borowski is a popular journalist, also popular for writing interesting and intriguing short stories. Silence is another masterpiece of his works revealing how a man was ambushed and dragged into a German barrack. His ambushers took their eels after being warned of approaching troops of American soldiers. What later happened to the man? Why don’t you find out?

‘A Rose for Emily’ by William Faulkner

Emily Grierson is a southern spinster who is known to live a very isolated life in her neighborhood. Her death came as a shock to everyone in the town. The book revealed how she lived her life as a hermit in the town.

‘Miss Brill’ by Katherine Mansfield

This story shares the story of a classic woman with good communication and social skills. Something happened that made this woman outburst angrily. What could that be? Take a look at the thrilling story of this woman by reading Miss Brill.


Most of the short stories in this review talk more about life in general. Every student aiming for high academic dreams would make reading an essential aspect of their lives. These fascinating short stories are a great way to start reading today.

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