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What Are The Benefits Of PEMF Therapy?



Chiropractic medicine has become famous all around the world. The two main reasons behind it getting all the fame and attention are:

  •       It is cost-effective, and
  •       It does not involve any invasive procedure.

Another plus point with chiropractic medicine is that its primary focus is on healing the ailments related to our musculoskeletal system. The human musculoskeletal system keeps our bodies moving, which is an essential part of our survival. Unfortunately, problems related to the human musculoskeletal systems have become more prevalent in the modern age, mainly because of our sedentary lifestyle.

Problems with lower back and cervical vertebrae are also becoming common in people who spend a significant part of their day working on computers and laptops. This irritates their cervical and thoracic nerve roots, usually but the compression of vertebral canals of those areas. At times, this compression can become so severe that it can pinch the entire nerve root, leading to the development of paralysis. The same problem is encountered by the victims of road traffic accidents. Although in those people, the problem can be much more severe.

Now, the treatment of all these problems is duly provided in traditional medicinal and surgical practices. Usually, the first treatment method used in these kinds of problems is analgesics (or painkiller). These drugs help the patient as they ease his pain away. But one of the most significant drawbacks of painkillers is that they pose serious threats to other organs of our body, particularly the stomach.

If the painkillers fail to handle the situation, then the patient usually looks for treatment options available in the surgery. Although surgical methods involving vertebrae and spine have become less invasive now, they still require some sort of incision. They are also very lengthy and can sometimes become risky for the patient.

The alternative medicine in general and the chiropractic medicine, in particular, is an excellent alternative to get rid of these musculoskeletal and spinal conditions. The chiropractic medicine itself involves several tools and techniques to provide comfort to the patients and heal them. One of such techniques used by chiropractic medicine is the PEMF technique.

The modern PEMF therapy technique involves a yoga-mat resembling BioMat, upon which the patient lies. This BioMat is embedded with numerous amounts of amethyst crystals. A controlled quantity of current is passed through the BioMat. This current first passes through the amethyst crystals embedded throughout the 3rd layer of the mat and when it reaches the body. This passage of current also creates Far Infra-Red rays. Once the current and Infra-Red rays reach the body, they start the healing process and create a general feeling of wellness.

Apart from initiating the healing process and providing with a general feeling of wellness, this PEMF technique also gives the following benefits:

Reduction in Pain and Stress:

Pain that is felt by the patient because of spinal problems is very nasty. It creates hindrances in daily activities. Using an amethyst BioMat works effectively to reduce pain and musculoskeletal stress.

Reduction in Chronic Inflammation:

Chronic inflammation and its aftermath are very hard to cure by conventional drugs. With amethyst BioMat, the effects of chronic inflammation can be reduced quickly.

Cellular Effects of PEMF Therapy:

Since the generated current and Far Infra-Red rays are minimal in size, they work at molecular and cellular levels once they reach the body. At the cellular level, PEMF provides the following benefits:

Improves Intracellular Fluid levels

Helps in ATP stimulation and

Promotes cellular healing, etc.

Bone Healing:

PEMF also helps the bones to heal. Not only that, but it also helps in healing the soft tissues that surround these bones.

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