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How to attract a new audience to the entertainment social network – Instagram



The biggest concern of people who want to build a career on social media like Instagram is attracting new audiences constantly. And to achieve that goal, people think of various methods and techniques. Businesses buy 50 Instagram likes or even more, to attract customers and form a reputation on social media. But purchasing stats isn’t an option that can completely support your growth on Instagram. To become a real influencer on this platform, you have to develop a relevant strategy and gain more followers organically. And here comes this article with the most exquisite and effective techniques for driving the attention and getting more followers on Instagram. 

Define Your Target Audience

There is a common mistake that many brands and bloggers make – they aim for any growth they can possibly get. But for it to be successful, you must be more concrete about who you are going to attract and entertain. Find the group that will be more likely to be interested in your content, and you will get not only a constant increase of following but also a loyal and active community. It is no secret that Instagram algorithms that categorize content and form the ratings are sensitive to engagement rate, so having fewer users who are active, is a huge help in your promotion, rather than having a big number of dead souls on your account. 

Thus, nowadays you should forget all these “follow for follow” and other mass following schemes that once were considered effective. Focus on reaching your target group instead. Here are the key points that will help you to understand who is your perfect follower:

  • Demographic data. Are you focusing on promotion worldwide or locally? What are the average age of your target group and their gender? What profession do they have, or maybe you produce things for stay-at-home parents?
  • Purposes of the audience. Do you sell things that are vital for life or the ones that people may not need, but which will warm up their souls? Maybe these are self-improvement products? 
  • Interests. Improve your reach by hitting the potential followers with the right content. Look through the current trends, especially for visuals, and see what kind of content seems the most engaging and productive for them. You should also examine what values people appreciate the most. 
  • Activity. Try to imagine the behavior of your ideal follower on Instagram and adjust your plan accordingly. 

Use Hashtags

This is one of the prominent instruments in your promotion. The special treat for entrepreneurs and brands is the fact that users can follow hashtags that are interesting to them. So, for you it means that you can expand your reach, using the proper hashtags. 

Examine what hashtags are popular in your industry and define which are the most suitable for you. Be careful – the most popular hashtags of the industry may not be useful for you – due to tons of content that drops in each second, your posts can be lost in the informational noize. Mix the general terms and the ones that are more specific for your blog. 

Adding a personalized hashtag for your account that would distinguish you from other bloggers and be useful for your followers is also a good idea. For example, if you specialize in recipes of various world cuisines, you can divide your content into groups by country using hashtags. With their help, users will have a more comfortable process of searching for the recipe they need, hence they will become more loyal to you as a blogger. 

Also, to make occasional visitors stay as your followers, you need to make your profile attractive for them. Create an outstanding style for all your posts to make the feed look more professional and esthetic. 

  • Develop a certain color scheme that will please the eye of a viewer and make your content stand out
  • Select a few filters or presets that will become the prominent styling instrument for your materials. This helps to create a unified look and keep all your posts in the same style.
  • You can add specific detail to your posts, which can be your mascot.

Use AR Filters To Expand Your Audience

Today people can create custom filters for Stories on Instagram. And this feature is incredibly effective when you are promoting your account. Filter in stories spread very fast and very far, so this is definitely a working method for attracting the audience with your aesthetics primarily. The trick is that when someone is using the filter in their stories, there will be a clickable link with the nickname of the author, so other users can check out the profile. 

To create AR filters, you can use third-party programs. Think through what your filter will be like: they can be beautifiers or mini-games that are targeted at entertainment and engagement. 

Promote Your Profile Offline

As the coronavirus has stepped back a bit, the rhythm of life that we were used to is returning, and you can attend various offline festivals or other events, where you can build connections and meet new viewers for your content. Use your personal charm to impress the potential audience and play your best cards, proving to your viewers that they should come and see what you have in your Instagram profile. But remember good manners – don’t be too obtrusive and try to promote your profile indirectly, entertaining people and making friends in real life, 

Provide High-Quality Content

Of course, it is vital to provide valuable and original materials, so users will be interested in sharing and saving your content. If you do something really interesting, a new audience will come to you inevitably, as your popularity will grow. This process isn’t quick, but patience and hard work will be fruitful. High-quality content that is also useful to the audience, is harder to create, but this is the only thing that will always be popular, no matter how the algorithms will change. 


Attracting a new audience to your profile is a complex of actions that should be targeted not only at promotion, but retaining the followers that you already have. As you chase the popularity on Ig, don’t forget that quality matters much more than quantity.

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