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The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar Now Open In Mount Pleasant



It’s a Whole Lot of Flavorful Milkshake Creations In a Collectible Mason Jar

Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

Hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizza may be American’s go to foods, but when it comes to sweet treats ice cream is ‘numero uno’. America has had a love affair with ice cream for centuries, but its popularity exploded in the 1900’s with the introduction of fast food, malt shops, and ice cream parlors. Whether it comes as soft serve, scooped, in a cup, or as a flavored milkshake, ice cream is by far everyone’s favorite cold dessert.

What sets ice cream purveyors apart is how they distinguish themselves from the pack. That’s precisely what ‘The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar’ is doing. In just over 18 months since the first Crazy Mason opened in Myrtle Beach SC, the franchise has grown to seven locations, with the latest two in Gatlinburg TN, and right here in Charleston at 1909 Suite-P Hwy 17N in Mount Pleasant. And that number is growing quickly.

Maybe you’re thinking how they came up with a wacky name like ‘Crazy Mason’ for a milkshake bar, well the answer is simple. The ‘Crazy’ comes from their out of this world, incredibly off the wall milkshake and ice cream creations, and ‘Mason’ simply comes because they present their thick cold treats in old fashioned glass mason jars. Mind-blowing I know, and here’s a kicker, customers get to take the mason jar home with them. Sounds like a great way to build a fancy chocolate milk jar collection for home use.

But enough about their beginnings and their unique presentations, what’s drawing ice cream lovers into their milkshake bar is ‘Crazy Mason’s’ yummy concoctions. Here’s where the ice cream and the sweet treat toppings meet the mason jar. Dozens upon dozens of signature creations that are more like hand-crafted ice cream sundaes sitting on top of a thick milkshake. Think of the workers behind the bar as ice cream artisans.

Mere words cannot describe how awesome Crazy Mason’s creative minds work, so I’ve provided a link to their visual dessert page below. But imagine if you can ‘S’mores The Merrier’ where your favorite campfire treats meet cold ice cream. How about a shake perfect for shaggers. The ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ is where chocolate meets peanut butter.

That’s just the tip of the milkshake iceberg. Who wouldn’t want to wrap their taste buds around ‘Berried In Chocolate’, a swirl of chocolate raspberry ice cream topped with a slice of cheesecake, oozing with whipped cream, raspberries, chocolate shavings and raspberry drizzle. No one is going to say no to the ‘No Oreo-dinary Cheescake’, basically cookies & cream ice cream with Oreo overload. Cooly delicious!

Banana pudding lovers might fancy the ‘U Gotta Be Puddin’ Me’ complete with caramel, vanilla buttercream and Nilla wafers. Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got ice cream in my tummy! Long time couples might enjoy the ‘Mint To Be’, crafted from chocolate chip mint ice cream and drizzling with fudge, a mint fudge brownie, sprinkles, crushed Andes mints, and topped off with chocolate mousse. It’s mint overload!

Need a tasty wakeup call in the middle of the afternoon, then the ‘But First, Coffee’ is your shake of choice. Coffee ice cream blended and poured into a chocolate iced mason jar rolled in Cookie Dirt. Topped with whipped cream, Cookie Dirt, warm donut, marshmallow and chocolate drizzle. Need I say more.

I could go on and on, but simple to say there are a bazillion inconceivable creations Crazy Mason has come up to delight ice cream lovers of all ages, including a sure-fire kids favorite ‘Have Your Cake & Eat it Too’. It’s all your kids’ favorite toppings over birthday cake ice cream. Nice way to celebrate that special day!

If they love that, they’ll go crazy over ‘They Do Exist‘, which is a whole lot of cotton candy ice cream, wrapped around white chocolate, marshmallows, and sprinkles. It’s one of those crazy creations you might get at the fair, but the good news is you can get it everyday at ‘The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar’.

There are way too many ice cream creations and whacked out names to tell you about. ‘The Crazy Mason’ is literally meant to be consumed. Wrap your teeth and gums around a ‘Butter My Waffle’, ‘Bananas Over You’, or my favorite named cold treat ‘Split Happens’, basically an old-fashioned ice cream sundae in milkshake form, and an awesome way to treat yourself after a bad day. Delightfully delicious.

Milkshakes are the top banana at The Crazy Mason, but you can get your ice cream in several forms. Crazy Bombs are their own versions of ice cream sandwiches (ice cream packed between your favorite cookies). Prefer a spoon over a straw, perhaps enjoy a shake version in cup form, or try their Crazy Split Waffle (all the makings of a sundae on top of a Sugar Pearl Waffle. They showcase monthly and seasonal specials including Santa’s favorite ‘Rockin’ Around The Tree’.

‘The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar’ is similar to a ice cream carnival, where your wildest cold sweet treats are ready to tickle your fancy and delight the taste buds. The creators behind Crazy Mason are like mad ice cream scientists, always ready to come up with the next frozen invention. Honestly, who comes up with names like ‘Don’t Worry Beach Happy‘, and ‘Thicker Than A Snicker’. Cookies, waffles, cannolis, sprinkles, candy, chocolate chips, brownies, syrups, whipped cream, and a variety of fresh fruits. The toppings run the gamut.

Bring your sweet tooth, but leave your diet at the door, because calories don’t count at The Crazy Mason. Think of your visit to The Crazy Mason as to taking a dessert vacation. Unless you’re ordering one of their Crazy Cups, Crazy Bomb, Waffle, or Crazy Dessert, I would recommend enjoying your milkshake in-house. It’s incredibly yummy, but a bit messy (the good kind of messy). Remember you can take the souvenir mason jar home, and they even provide a rinsing station for you to clean up.

The Mount Pleasant store is co-owned and operated by Charleston couples Matt and Heidi Oates, and Lisa and Gary Gremillion. Call it serendipity, or call it sweet treat fate, Matt and Heidi discovered ‘The Crazy Mason’ while spending a weekend getaway in Myrtle Beach back in 2020. Together the two couples who are family, are hoping ‘The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar’, is a tasteful way to serve Charleston America’s favorite cold sweet treat.

To find the craziest new ‘The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar’ in greater Charleston, go to Sweetgrass Center at the corner of 17 North at the IOP Connector. It’s tucked back off the road but easy to access off 17N or Hungryneck Blvd. The Crazy Mason is basically in the shopping center next to Mount Pleasant Town Centre. There physical address is 1909 Suite-P Hwy 17N. Once you find it for the first time, your Sweet-Tooth GPS (Get Personalized Shakes) will permanently remember it for future visits.

The Mount Pleasant location is currently open 3-9pm Monday thru Friday, and 2-9pm Saturday and Sunday. They may be the new kid on the ice cream block, but nonetheless milkshake lovers have been lining every day. Join in the milkshake madness. In case you’re wondering, they do offer gift certificates. For more on their flavorful plethora of milkshakes visit their online menu page at


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