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SeamonWhiteside Welcomes First Candidates for Leadership Training and Mentorship Program



Press Release

SeamonWhiteside (SW+), a full-service land design firm with offices throughout the Carolinas, is pleased to announce their first round of candidates for their Leadership Training and Mentorship Program.

SeamonWhiteside formed the Leadership Training and Mentorship Program to identify leaders within the firm and provide them with the tools they need to grow. In addition, the firm hopes to develop the next generation of leaders by providing them with resources they can carry into the operations of their future roles.

The Leadership Training and Mentorship Program takes place over 20 weeks with a select group of SeamonWhiteside employees, completing leadership training with four carefully selected mentors. This training includes one-on-one mentorship, public speaking seminars, expert meetings and an annual retreat.

The program is taught by current SeamonWhiteside leaders and is designed specifically for the culture and environment at the firm, known as the “SeamonWhiteside Way.” This includes all of the ins and outs of the company as well as their niche, civil engineering and land development in the Carolinas. The mission behind the program is for all future leaders to understand the proper processes and protocols at SeamonWhiteside before taking on a leadership role.

The first round of the Leadership Training and Mentorship Program started in November 2021 and will continue until February 2022. “We are laying the groundwork for this program so that one day it can be passed down from generation to generation within SeamonWhiteside,” says Willliam O’Neal, Director of Civil Engineering at SeamonWhiteside.

SeamonWhiteside hopes to expand its program from the original four mentors to include new mentors who have completed the rigorous program themselves and are ready to pass their knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

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