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9 Festive Must-Dos in Charleston SC This December



There’s no snow in Charleston in December but you can still get your festive fix this season!

By: Rich Tavetian, Guest Writer

December hits in Charleston, you walk outside your front door and take a deep breath of the slightly cool air. It feels so good.

The sun and a light breeze comes across you and then you realize… It’s a 70 degree day… awesome. You ask yourself “should I get my hoodie or not?” it’s a not-so-cold-weather conundrum.

This is a regular morning for me in December in Charleston and I love it. Part of the reason why I moved here was to escape the frozen tundra of the Northeast, especially the Winters.

Then it hits me.. those days of shoveling snow, removing that stubborn ice from my windshield, and having to wake up an hour earlier just to get my car to defrost are over! Happy days.

Do I miss the cold weather? Sometimes. Do I miss it every day in the Winter, heck no!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the warm weather coastal South Carolina has to offer BUT I do need some festive holiday weather once in a while.

Personally, this time of year I like to go up to New York, visit my family, and do touristy stuff in NYC like Rockefeller Center tree and take in the scenery of Central Park.

However, if you’re in Charleston this season then there are so many ways to bring festivities to you without going up to the ice age.

Here’s a list of things in Charleston to keep things festive this holiday season.

  1. Holiday Festival of Lights: A classic lightshow experience in Charleston to get the festive feels kicked off this season
  2. Wreath Making Workshops: What’s more festive than a wreath? There are a handful of these workshops all around Charleston making it a fun experience for the whole family.
  3. Christmas tree browsing: Browsing? This might sound weird but I don’t like having a Christmas tree in my house BUT I do like the smell of evergreen trees. Growing up I have memories of having to clean up the tree needles on the floor and watering the some these might be fond memories but for me it was a chore. However, I love the smell of evergreen trees and just being around them. So what I like to do is browse the Christmas trees, be present and mindful by taking deep breaths around them just to be around the smell.
  4. Elf The Musical (or any festive musical): Although I haven’t been to this yet it looks so fun… huge fan of the Elf movie with Will Ferrell. This is running until December 19th
  5. Christmas at Boone Hall Plantation: They really go to town decorating and it’s a must see here.
  6. A Winter Wonderland in Color (Charleston Museum): If you’re an art person you’ll enjoy this one. I love the artwork they have here and it’s rare to have these scenes captured when it snowed in Charleston.
  7. Aquarium Aglow Evenings (new for 2021!): The South Carolina Aquarium has added this event this year. They’ve put together thousands of lights throughout the aquarium for a very festive experience.
  8. Ice Skating at Carolina Ice Palace: Get your winter hat and scarf out (mine is sitting in my closet all dusty) and get on the ice. This is so fun and reminds me of being on the ice in NYC.
  9. Stingrays Hockey Game: Okay I know what you’re thinking.. A hockey game isn’t very festive… you got me, BUT they’re so fun with a group of friends or family because it is a little chilly from the ice and simulates being in a colder climate… another excuse for me to have a warm beverage. 🙂

Bonus Festive Trip: If you can make it up to Asheville NC you have to go to the Biltmore Mansion during this month, they have a great setup. Christmas at the Biltmore is stunning, they really go all out within the home and outside the estate. It’s incredible.

This post was written by Richard Tavetian.

Richard Tavetian is a writer, investor, Real Estate Professional, and is host of The Rich Life Podcast. You can find him on Instagram. He answers every Instagram DM, come say hello!

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1 Comment

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