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Catching Up with Local Artist Alexandria Searles



By: April Stettner, Guest Writer

Butterflies can’t see their wings.
They can’t see how truly beautiful they are,
But everyone else can.
People are like that as well.

I came across this quote while reflecting on my time with Alexandria Searles (right) several weeks ago. Alexandria’s presence and energy is very much like that of a butterfly. Delicate, mixed with a flurry of excited beautiful energy.

My first encounter with the artist/creator/muse happened while I was clumsily admiring her prints, jewelry, and molds of Botticelli bodies, beneath a tent at a local pop-up. Her prints depict several subjects without eyes. Some reveal only their profile, or sometimes shielded by a well-intentioned hat. I was intrigued. If the eyes are windows to the soul, I wondered why do I feel so drawn to these prints? It is simple, I realize after reaching for the print I would later learn is named “Love,” the subject’s body language, delicate yet impromptu poses are emitting all sorts of emotion. By now, realizing I have picked up more art than my hands can carry, Alexandria’s mother, Denise Searles, offers to ring me up and points to her eldest daughter Alexandria, who I learn is the artist.

Alexandria is beautiful in the way that classic movie stars are often described as “ethereal” or “other-worldly.” Though this kind of beauty could be distracting, luckily for Alexandira her talent, and personality are even more arresting.

I have the chance to sit down with Alexandria, her mother Denise, and her younger sister Alyssa at another event several weeks later. Alexandria had just returned from painting a mural in Columbia. She has already completed three murals in Charleston, along with being a guest speaker and hosting several philanthropic events. I feel reluctant to ask, but I have to know; “Do you mind if I ask how old you are, Alexandria.” When she tells me she is 27, I think about what I was doing back then, and I’m not only impressed, but I know even though she has achieved so much, this is just the beginning.

Alexandria is incredibly open; she does not hold back much like her art, and I love it. It is refreshing how willing she is to share her creative process. I learn quickly how similar we are, fluttering from one idea to the next; both creatives in different ways but have had our struggles learning in a traditional setting. I am curious about her experience as an artist in Charleston. Her talent is obvious, and her art has been featured in galleries downtown and festivals, but I wonder if she ever feels limited in certain spaces. This is when she shares about leaning into her art as a way of advocating and helping others. She is grateful for the access to certain spaces, but she is more concerned about other artists and making space for them. She details several events that she hosts every year, free of charge solely as a community and educational resource for anyone who is open to learning.

It is hard not to be impressed by her. She has accomplished so much not only as an artist but as a businesswoman and a philanthropist.  I can tell that Alexandria will leave an undeniable mark just like her art, no matter what path she decides to conquer next.

To purchase Alexandria’s art, visit:

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