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Traveling Companions to Make Your Next Flight as Smooth as Possible



Flying certainly isn’t for everyone. While some people simply find it boring, others are downright afraid of it and spend the whole experience tense. It doesn’t have to be this way, but depending on which part of the spectrum you find yourself on, it could take a fair amount of work to make these flights feel relaxing or even normal.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost if you find flying to be an uncomfortable time. Distracting yourself is always an option, and you have a plethora of options to help you achieve this end. Finding a good, consistent rhythm every time that you go flying can help you to not only find these flights bearable in the moment, but also leading up to them – allowing you to look forward to the destination.

Your Phone

When you’re flying, packing space is always going to be a concern, and it might be that you want to travel as light as possible. If this is the case, having to pack extra things just to get you through the flight can seem like a waste of space, and it might deter you from bringing items with you that could end up having a positive impact on your trip. Fortunately, you’d likely be bringing your phone with you anyway, so the merits it offers come free of charge, so to speak.

Your phone can allow you to listen to music or audiobooks, letting you drift away from the current situation. Alternatively, you can download TV shows or movies from streaming services, or play games through the app store or online casinos, such as

Knowing that you’re carrying a device that has so much utility can be incredibly useful for simply giving you peace of mind, rather than dreading encountering boredom because you know you aren’t properly prepared to face it.

Bring a Book

Reading is an activity that can boast a myriad of benefits, so finding a way to integrate it into more aspects of your day can only be positive. This is especially true if you’re someone who deeply enjoys reading, and in this case, you might find that it’s a natural companion to flying. Taking a book with you here can help you to escape into the pages of whatever you find yourself reading, making the time spent on the flight melt away and feel much shorter than it actually is.

Additionally, in regards to the issue of space, slimmer volumes won’t take up much space, so they might be ideal for short trips. However, if you do find yourself currently engrossed in a larger book that you want to take with you on your flight, it’s not the end of the world, and it might simply mean that you lose a tiny amount of space to it. It’s important to think of this as a worthy sacrifice if it means that you’ll find the flights more enjoyable.

A Travel Pillow

Sometimes, you don’t want to distract yourself by overstimulating your brain; sometimes, you just want to take this opportunity to drift to sleep. A flight is the perfect opportunity for that, in a sense, especially the longer ones. However, if you’re planning on sleeping, it’s important to remember that sitting upright in a plane seat is not the optimal sleeping position, so a travel neck pillow would be a good way of ensuring you can do this safely and as healthily as possible.

In terms of space, this might take up more of it than a book or your phone, but the kind of comfort that it can offer is immense, and you might miss it if you don’t bring one. Additionally, due to its size and shape, you might find it easier to fit into your carry-on bag than a conventional pillow, and bear in mind it is designed to be taken on journeys, so it won’t be too troublesome or inconvenient.

If you haven’t got any experience with using a travel pillow prior to your journey, it might be worth testing one with something smaller scale – such as a bus or train journey. This can allow you to get the hang of it easier and might make using it on the actual flight more natural.

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