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League of Legends: The best counters



League of Legends is a popular online multiplayer video game that was released back in 2009. Apart from being a fun game consisting of iconic battle arena gameplays, LoL is actually free to play. In this game, players get to choose unique characters called champions that possess special hunting and killing abilities. The more enemies a champion kills, the more experience points he accumulates.

League of Legends has a variety of modes, the main one being Summoner’s Rift. To gain an edge over your adversaries, you’d need to choose your champion carefully. Currently, about 155 champions exist. Nasus, also known as the “Curator of the Sands”, is arguably the best champion in LoL. Although he looks virtually indestructible, there are several tricks you can utilize to kill this beast. Have you been looking for a good Nasus counter? Read on to unearth the best counters in League of Legends.

Here are the 5 tips to achieve the best counters in League of Legends:

1. Counter Nasus early in the game

If you’re keen on countering Nasus, your best bet would be to be aggressive during the early moments of the game when Nasus is still weak. Most players would probably prefer roaming the farm and slacking back as they wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. However, this type of strategy will often backfire when trying to kill Nasus since his strength increases exponentially during the latter game stages. It’s also important to understand who Nasus counters more frequently: melee champions such as Renekton, Gangplank and Kayle. Avoid selecting such champions if you’re planning to go after Nasus.

2. Use Divine Sunderer and Thornmail to counter Renekton

When making a counter, it’s paramount that players prioritize the best items. After analyzing millions of Nasus counter scenarios, it’s been established that Nasus has a higher kill success rate when he counters Renekton using Divine Sunderer, Gargoyle Stoneplate and Thornmail. This particular build yields a significantly high win rate, guaranteeing your win against the opposition. In addition, you can utilize an assortment of specific runes to improve your chances of countering Renekton. These include conditioning, Grasp of the Undying, Approach Velocity, Demolish and Overgrowth.

3. Strive to create the best team synergies

League of Legends is a multiplayer game that usually consists of two opposing teams. Each team chooses five champions to play with. However, the way you pair these champions will definitely make a difference. Nasus performs optimally when paired with Brand, Shaco, Master Yi or Shaco. Understanding your team synergies will improve your chances of beating the opposition. When countering Miss Fortune, ensure you use regular harassments and pokes. You can also disable her by displacement, silence, knock-up and more.

4. Use your opponents’ weaknesses against them

Whenever you’re playing LoL, use as many tactics as possible to disarm your opponent. For instance, if you’re coming up against Illaoi, ensure you use a champion with exquisite mobility and speed. The Kraken Priestess (Illaoi) is an aggressive fighter but she doesn’t have good gap closers. This means that she struggles when chasing people. It’s also vital to avoid getting too close to her spawning tentacles since she might use them to strike you and heal herself. Illaoi also has a tendency to occasionally focus on a character’s soul and eventually rip it out. When she does this, ensure you attack her aggressively since you’ll impart more damage this way and improve your winning chances.

5. Understand your ally’s strengths

Knowing your rival’s weaknesses isn’t enough to provide you with the best counters in LoL: you also need to comprehend the attributes of your partners. Take Brand, for example. He’s renowned for his blaze and magical damage. Brand and Nasus form the perfect partnership because their attributes complement each other. Brand has the uncanny ability to stun his opponents with a powerful pillar of flame. Anyone standing within his conflagration range will experience his deadly blaze – that’s probably why they call him “The Burning Vengeance”. Master Yi, on the other hand, is a deadly assassin with the impressive ability to meditate and double strike. The Wuju Bladesman, as he’s popularly referred to, can impart a lot of damage within a short time. This makes him one of the deadliest champions in the game and another perfect pair for Nasus. Lastly, Shaco provides the cunning menace of a top jungler.  He can use Deceive, Hallucinate and Backstab to lure opponents and win fights. Pairing him with Nasus will provide you with a better winning advantage.

Use these best counter tips to improve your win rate in League of Legends.

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