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Doubts About Betting Online That Everyone Has at First



Playing at online casinos is still a relatively new activity for many people, who have previously only played inside brick-and-mortar casinos. Which means they tend to have some reluctance towards it as a whole. Or assume the worst even about totally legitimate and reputable online casinos like Playamo.

If you’re thinking of giving online slots, poker, blackjack or one of the many other games a try, here are some of the things that might be holding you back. All of which are completely unfounded once you’ve found a trustworthy casino.

Thinking that you Can’t Win Real Money Online 

Just like at any real-life establishment, if you’re betting with real money online, then you have very real chances of winning back as well. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that betting apps and online casino websites have slightly better payout rates than land-based ones. Therefore, you actually may have an even better chance of winning while playing online than inside a casino.

One of the biggest slot game wins of all time was over $17 million, won by a player in Finland while playing online.

Believing that Games are Rigged Online 

Just as rigging is against the law in casinos, it’s also not allowed online. The way to ensure you don’t end up at a casino that isn’t trustworthy is by checking that it is licensed and committed to providing fair play. For instance, when a casino has eCOGRA certification, it means that an independent agency is checking their games to confirm the are operating completely legally and fairly.

That It’s all too Good to be True

Having hundreds of real money casino games at your fingertips or in the palm of your hands on your cellphone seems too good to be true. So, many people assume it is and never bother to do anything more than playing the occasional free game. However, as long as you have fun in casinos, you can expect pretty much the same experiences from an online one. It all depends where you choose to play and which games you’re picking.

Another thing that seems unbelievable but isn’t are the welcome offers and other incentives to play online. Such as when a casino matches your first deposit, giving you double what you pay to spend on the site. It’s actually a legit way for the casino to bring in new players. And if you read the fine print, you will understand that it isn’t really too good to be true. Because in most cases, there are also wagering requirements to meet before you can cash out that big win on the latest slot game.


Whether it’s a new app or online casino, it’s naturally to have a little reluctance about the experience. Especially because it involves you providing some of your financial information in order to process a deposit to play online. However, just as with anything online, including shopping, where you choose to be a customer is the most important thing. So, take the necessary time to check out different platforms and read reviews before you join.

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