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Under Car Light

LED lights have a reputation for changing the appearance of surfaces. In this case, the dark, dingy area under your dashboard may need some little uplifting that may change how it looks. Watch closely as your friends go into amazement when you light the led strips underneath your car. This is like upgrading your ride but in under 30 bucks from Lepro.

Desk Lamp

LED strip lights are also a great way to upgrade the environment of your home working station. You can change the color of your lights to that which you find more productive, and purple, for example, has been found to trigger more creativity.

Infinite mirrors

Did you know you could make an illusion with a mirror and a glass? There are tons of tutorials online if they pique your interest. These infinity mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a large space in small rooms.

Indoor Planting

If you want to do some planting indoors, for some experimental gardening, you will need a light that covers all the spectrum provided by sunlight. Most of all, you will need some waves of red and blue, which are important in making plants grow fast. You can place LED strips close to the plant’s leaves as they do not emit heat that might burn your plant.

Make a lightning cloud ceiling

By now, we have crossed the bar of how to use remote led light strips. There was a TikTok trend where someone’s ceiling had clouds and lightning, and this, of course, went viral. With just glue, polyfill, and led strip lights, it is possible to bring the stormy sky into your room and call the thunder gods, just kidding.

Light your bed frame

Do you want to revamp the look of your bedroom? As I said before, led strip lights are perfect for changing the appearance of any surface. Simply stick the led strips behind your headboard and watch the magic unravel before your own eyes.

Light your closet

Another place that might require urgent changes might be your closet. This might be one of the best yet to occur in a closet apart from new clothing, of course. You can use your remote to turn them on and off,

Light up your shelves

Like I said before, surfaces do not look the same when LED strip lights are applied to them. Take advantage of this and change the look of your shelves, especially those that hold in them glassware like wine bottles and cologne. You will create an executive look straight from a five-star hotel, right in your house.

Make a Tron jacket

We are now bordering on the line of science fiction here. If you have watched Tron or seen a Tron poster assuming you don’t live in a cave. The LED strip lights can be used to create a costume that matches the theme of Tron movies. This can be great for Halloweens or just plain old cosplay.

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