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A little about Botanica



Botanica is considered one of the most beautiful dungeons. Interesting bosses can be found here, as well as a lot of useful loot. Many people prefer to run Botanica when boosting their alts, since in addition to interesting bosses, there are also a large number of mobs there, which, with proper skill, can be easily killed in batches.

How to get there

Botanica floats in the air in Netherstorm. To be more precise, the island is located at coordinates 71 and 55. It looks like a blue building with beautiful minerals.

If you want to go to Heroic mode, you have to sweat a little. To do this, you must be level 70, and also be the proud owner of the heroic key for the Tempest Keep dungeons.

Keys can be obtained from Reputation Quartermaster Almaador once you improve your standing with the Sha’tar to Revered.

As with all heroic instances, Botanica will also make life difficult for players not only with more powerful bosses, but also with new abilities that often come as a surprise to inexperienced adventurers.


Botanica has several interesting quests that will help you get useful loot. Below we will briefly tell you about each.

How to Break Into the Arcatraz

You need to bring two fragments of the key of the Arcatraz to A’dal. Later, a full-fledged key will be collected, with which it will be possible to open the path to the Arcatraz itself.

Master of Potions

An interesting highlight of this quest is that it is only available to alchemists. After receiving the Botanist’s Field Guide, you will be able to choose your only alchemical specialization. The book itself is dropped by High Botanist Freywinn. We will talk about him later.

Capturing the Keystone

In the Violet Tower sits the High Mage Vargot, who will ask you to get the key by knocking it out of Commander Sarranis. The level 72 boss itself is not as easy as it seems, so you need to be careful with him


In total, there are 5 bosses in the location. Each needs its own tactics. Let’s take a quick look at each adversary.

Commander Sarranis

This lady is the first boss of the instance. Despite her beautiful eyes, she will calmly gouge yours out, so you need to be careful. As soon as her HP falls below 50%, she will summon assistants. One in four will be elite, so you should focus on them first.

High Botanist Freywinn

Despite this title, the elf beats painfully. Once every 10 seconds, he calls for help from seedlings, which will ruin the life of the whole team. Since they have 1500 HP, you need to destroy them first. He will also constantly turn into a coniferous oak tree, absorbing all the damage and annoying you with an unpleasant creak. He also enters the “Tranquility” phase, which will actively regenerate him. At the same moment, several henchmen will fall on the head of the would-be seekers. They must be destroyed immediately, because after annihilation Freyvin will no longer be so calm and will stop regenerating.

Thorngrin the Tender

Unlike previous bosses, this is already a demon. Keep him in the middle of the room, and constantly run out of his Hellfire, otherwise you will burn out very quickly. The healer should be especially careful, because Skaletooth will take a lot of HP to his followers with his Sacrifice.


This huge and beautiful plant will cause you an allergic reaction, which increases the damage taken by 500 units, as well as damaging the forces of nature. The most unpleasant thing is that it is transmitted from player to player, so it is necessary to maintain a social distance. He also summons plant minions, but these are quickly destroyed.

Narrow tree

This is the last boss of the dungeon. It can be tanked right on the spot, but you must try not to gather in a heap, otherwise there is a high probability of getting an Arcane Volley or Stomp. His minions can be either destroyed immediately, or you can focus on the boss.


This dungeon is famous for its loot, which is why players usually go to Botanica. The large packs of trash are easily CC’d by frost mages, but this takes some time to get used to. Overall this dungeon is very popular on

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