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Doing the Thesis Alone Or In a Group?



When we approach the final stretch of our course, the thesis appears as a short-term challenge, it is at that moment when we are faced with multiple and diverse questions, one of them is to do the thesis alone or in a group…

In this post, we help you to make this important decision for your student life. Many choose to work in a group with classmates with whom they have a previous relationship and many choose to do it individually or even buy assignments online, the truth is that there is no single recipe and there are many factors that lead us to choose one or the other option.

Benefits of doing the thesis in a group

Finding a thesis partner for economic reasons

If your budget is higher than estimated, splitting expenses with a partner can be a good option to keep your finances balanced. There are different types of thesis, some of them more expensive and requiring more inputs. As well as other more economical ones that can be adapted to the student’s pocket. Also, if you can’t afford an essay writing service, you can do it with your partner and split the amount. In any case, opting for teamwork gives the possibility of reducing expenses and concluding with a thesis according to expectations.

Combining skills

Research of this type requires the implementation of various skills and knowledge. Naturally, not all of us have the same skills or abilities. A partner with whom we can complement each other will help each of us to deal with a specific task. In addition, each team member will be able to develop in the area where he or she feels most comfortable and confident. This will save corrections from our tutors and will provide the possibility of obtaining a higher quality result. All members of the thesis group will benefit from mutual enrichment.

Sharing the time

The challenge of writing a thesis is full of anecdotes that make you laugh more or have more meaning when shared. It is likely that during the elaboration of the research, a lot of time will be spent with our colleagues. This translates into afternoons and evenings of mates creating a bond that goes far beyond the academic result. The truth is that we tend to become friends with our classmates and in the case of having a previous friendship, this bond is deepened by the mere fact of accompanying each other. On the other person, we find someone with whom we can share experiences and good times, encourage each other when things don’t go as expected, and celebrate when everything goes well.

Simulate an internship

Remember that one of the most in-demand competencies today is teamwork. Therefore, you should master this area and not limit yourself to always working on your own. Although it is beneficial to know how to work individually, it is also beneficial to work in a team and thus develop more elaborate results that would be impossible to achieve alone.

Nowadays, in most companies, groups, teams, and work areas are formed, working together and in a coordinated manner. That is why it is essential to have previous experience in this area. What better opportunity than our thesis to improve ourselves and grow for the future?

Having a thesis partner is the closest thing to a marriage, you share the same responsibilities and commitments in search of a common final goal.

Benefits of doing the thesis alone

Manage your own time

Although it seems like having a thesis partner saves you time. Sometimes our schedule is so tight that we have to work at times of the day that are not compatible with the schedules of the rest of the members of a group. Many times working individually offers the possibility of managing schedules and spaces with freedom, accelerating processes, and speeding up deadlines.

Maintaining control

One advantage of working alone is that decisions are made by ourselves. It is not necessary to debate, agree or reach a consensus: the control of the process goes through each one of us. If you individually have an optimal work rhythm that has worked in the past, then you can work on your own. If you have a clear idea and a clear way of execution, working alone will avoid delays when it comes to agreeing with other colleagues.

Avoid Distractions

When we are alone, we are more reflective. Many students struggle with a variety of daily distractions (social media, WhatsApp, Netflix, etc.). Teamwork can be very advantageous, but sometimes, meetings are not as productive as we expect and the objective takes a back seat, generating avoidable delays. Alone, we can make decisions in a more accurate and determined manner.

Other advantages of doing the thesis alone

  • The pride of achieving something so important by oneself.
  • Feeling that the final result is purely and exclusively the fruit of our effort, generates a comforting satisfaction that cannot be compared to any other achievement.
  • Avoid having differences or discussions in case of underachievement or conflicting ideas.

In short, these are some aspects that should be taken into account when deciding how to do the thesis, some choose to work individually and others in a group. There are no recipes or formulas for success and all ways are correct if they lead to a successful result.

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