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How Many Hours Should a Person Read a Day?



If you are keen to improve yourself and think that reading is a good activity, then you’d be right! Reading is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to develop your knowledge and improve your mind. However, many of us lead busy and hectic lives, leaving us worried that we are not reading enough. We decided to take a look at reading and find out how many hours you should spend on this habit each day for the best outcomes – the results may shock you!

Exactly How Much Reading Should I Do Each Day?

The good news is that daily reading doesn’t need to be a chore, and as little as 15 minutes every day is enough to have an impact. Ideally, you should aim to read anywhere up to half an hour in one sitting so that your brain has time to process the information, make sense of it and then prepare for your next reading session.

When you consider that many of us spend more than half an hour watching videos on social media, there really is no excuse as to why you can’t find the time to read something of value.

What Should I Read?

It’s very easy to tell someone that they should be reading more but finding the right text is not always that simple. If you want to develop your knowledge but dread the idea of reading a novel, then you may believe that there is nothing out there for you – but you’d be wrong.

There are a number of great articles you can dip into, apps that provide you with short excepts to read or even non-fiction pieces and newspapers that will help you to gather a better knowledge of the world around you. If you can’t believe it, then this source will prove that reading is not all about novels!

Where Should I Read?

The notion that all reading needs to be done in a quiet space when you are relaxing is not true at all! There are many places you can dip in and out of a different written piece, from the daily commute to sitting in a coffee shop or when you are at the airport or on the beach!

Ultimately, the best place to read is a place where you are comfy and have enough time to get value from the text. The rest is up to you!

Try Reading Today

Whether you are an avid reader or someone that hasn’t ever read for pleasure, today is a good day to give it a go. Pick up a book, download a text or head over to a self-development app like to find relevant and interesting pieces to read.

Doing this will not only help you to become smarter, but you will develop an interest that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Ultimately, reading is an activity that everyone should try, so go for it and find out more than you ever knew you could!

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