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Halo Collar Vs Invisible Fence: Which Option Works Better?



Your dog loves you, but sometimes they can escape from home due to several factors such as fear, separation anxiety, and frustration. Your dog may run next door and come back, but sometimes, they can go very far, get hurt, or worse still get lost and never come again.

If you are a pet owner, the emotional distress of coming home to find your pet missing can be unbearable but the good news is, there is a solution thanks to smart dog containment measures such as the Halo Collar and Invisible Fence. What are they all about? Which one works better? In this article, we look at both of them in detail and see which one is best suited for you.

What Is Halo Collar? How Did It Start? 

It all started in 2017 when Ken Ehrman, the founder of Halo Collar, embarked on a mission to design a dog safety solution after his young niece’s dog ran off the yard and unfortunately got hit by a car. Together with his brother Michael, they used the technological expertise they had to co-found Halo Collar and this has gone a long way in saving dogs’ lives. Later, Cesar Milan, a reputable dog behaviorist joined the team and they have partnered with global app leaders to develop and offer the latest smart fence and smart collar for dogs which users report it works great. Today, more than 25,000 dogs are safely protected by Halo Collar.

Basically, the Halo Collar consists of three parts that work together seamlessly to protect your dog. These are;

  1. The Collar

The first part is the collar which is the dog’s personal halo of protection. The virtual fences are stored in the Halo Collar and they are used to guide your dog so that your dog stays within the boundaries even when there is no WIFI or cellular. The collar also communicates effectively with your dog using customizable prevention feedback so that when the dog is near the boundary, the collar uses natural guidance to prompt the dog to turn around.

The Halo Collar also has a flexible and comfortable fit that can be easily adjusted as your dog grows. The customizable settings such as vibration, a wide range of sound, and optical static will match perfectly with your dog’s learning style. You can set your dog’s profile color with a matching Halo LED and watch your dog’s collar light up during the night.

  1. The App

Your App is the hub for everything Halo. On the App, you can create up to 20 fences, see your dog in real-time and manage your dog’s custom preference at home or on the move. You can also track your dog’s activity and progress and see how many hours they spend resting versus when they are active. You will also be able to track how many precautions your dog has received and this will help you determine if the dog is getting enough training.

  1. Training

The 21-day custom training which is accessible on the app features premium lessons and live sessions with experts in dog training. You can stream exclusive premium training, access the Q & A, and talk to the experts on matters that will help in dog training.

Why should you choose the Halo Collar?

Every year, so many dogs are hit by cars in what is known as preventable accidents. But with the Halo Collar working with your dogs’ instincts and keeping them within the fence boundaries these accidents can be prevented.

Halo uses brain exercises to teach your dog to respect boundaries. Instead of a physical leash, you now use natural, simple, and understandable communication to help your dog create boundaries. Thus, your dog can finally enjoy a leash-free life while still staying safe at any location.

Let’s now look at the Invisible Fence and how it works.

Invisible Fence Technology provides security inside a boundary. The process begins when a team of installation experts visit your property and install a wire around the perimeter thus establishing your pet’s invisible boundary. Remember. Your neighbors will not see the wires or any changes on your landscape whatsoever.

A transmitter is then placed somewhere around your garage or basement and this transmitter’s purpose is to send radio signals around the wire. Your dog will be required to wear a computer collar which acts as the radio as it picks digital signals that are transmitted.

Dog training by certified pet trainers is very important because it ensures that your dog is better behaved and understands boundaries. Static correction to your dog ensures that it knows where it cannot go. The static correction may be uncomfortable for your dog at first but it will not harm it.

Which Option Is the Best? 

The truth is both the Halo Collar and the Invisible Fence are sleek and robust dog collars and they both perform very well when used correctly after training. However, the Halo Collar is too expensive and its battery drains very quickly. It is also not suitable for puppies younger than 5 months. It is an effective product though and if your budget allows it, you can go right ahead and purchase it.

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