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How To Improve Your Chances In Video Slots



Video slots popularity is rapidly growing and there are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, slot games are fairly simple to play and every beginner can understand the rules. Secondly, slot games provide a very engaging gaming experience thanks to the beautifully designed graphics and gameplay.

However, most people think that video slots are games of chance and you cannot do anything to improve your winnings. This is true. Slots have programmed payouts and simple gameplay that doesn’t allow players to impact the outcome of the game.

But, you can optimize your wagering strategy just to get the most out of your playtime. Here are some tips that can help you improve your winning chances.

Choose the Right Slot

One of the most effective ways of improving your winning chances is by choosing the right slot. You need to make a balance between gameplay/graphics and return-to-player (RTP)/bonuses.

The goal here is to find an entertaining video slot that also has a high RTP rate. You can try out the best video slots in 2021 by TwinSpires Casino here.

Return to Player or RTP is a percentage of all the money wagered that the slot pays back to the players. RTP doesn’t mean the amount of money you’ll get back from the slot.

RTP normally varies from 94 to 99 in slot games, and your target should be anywhere between 96-98.

Practice with Free Games

If you are new to video slots then it is a good idea to start practicing. Even though the gameplay and rules are not that difficult, you should still learn the combinations and symbol variations that give the highest payouts. Some slots even allow you to lock some of the reels which can be more complicated for beginners.

Most online casinos offer free slot games with the same principles that apply to real video slots. This is not just great fun, but it gives you an opportunity to learn the secrets of the slots and sharpen your skills.

Determine a Budget and Stick to It

The most important thing when it comes to slot games is determining a budget. Video slots can be tempting, which is why creating a daily budget is a great strategy for the long run.

The rules here are simple. If you reach the sum you determined as your budget, you stop playing. Remember the golden rule which is not to bet money you can’t afford to lose.

Determine Volatility of Slots

Another thing to consider before picking a video slot is the game’s volatility. In the gambling world, volatility means ‘risk level’ even though most casinos will refer to it as their ‘variance’.

The volatility of slot machines measures the risk involved when a person is playing the game.

Low Volatility Slots – These slots provide a higher chance for landing on a winning combination, but before jumping in on this idea remember that low volatility slots usually offer smaller wins.

High Volatility Slots – Here the odds for winning are smaller, but the slot will pay you more money per win.

Avoid Big Jackpots

No matter how tempting a life-changing amount of money from huge jackpots might sound, the chances of winning one are very low. That’s why it is better to aim for games with smaller jackpots since they tend to pay out more frequently.

Smaller jackpots are better in the long run since they are constantly giving you money back to play. On the other hand, huge progressive jackpots can burn a hole through your budget without giving anything back.

Learn the Pay Table

Since every video slot is different, it is very important to study the paytable and find out more about each symbol’s worth and the ones that are the most lucrative. Learning more about the game itself can improve your gameplay since you’ll have a better understanding of the combination and how it works.

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