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Mario’s Peruvian Chicken Serving Up Authentic Fare



Mount Pleasant Eatery Staying True To Native Cuisine

By: Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

Four words come to mind when thinking about Mario’s Peruvian Chicken, and they are succulent, moist, tasty, and authentic. Growing up in Washington DC, Mario Obregon was well aware of his family’s history from his native Peru. After spending his formative years in our nation’s capitol, Mario ventured to Charleston, spending more than a decade overseeing the Five Guys franchises before he decided it was time to stop working for the man, and become the man himself.

In 2018 he through open the doors to Mario’s Peruvian Chicken and the response has been steady and overwhelmingly positive. Tucked in the corner space just down from the former Bi-Lo in the Sweetgrass Corner Shopping Center (1909 Hwy 17N) Mount Pleasant, Mario’s serves up some to the best tasting chicken you’ll get in greater Charleston.

Cooked in a rotisserie oven, over a natural charcoal flame for 90 minutes, Mario’s Peruvian Chicken presents with a crisp, aptly seasoned herb-encrusted skin, blanketed over tender white and dark meat. We’re talking finger licking, fall off the bone good. AWESOME!

Think of Mario’s Peruvian Chicken as a hearty meal served up often quicker than the everyday fast food joint. For just a couple dollars more than the bland burger and fries you get at the national chains, you can enjoy a robust meal that is both filling and nutritious. Order a 1/4 chicken (all white meat) with two sides for just $10.50, or for an additional four dollars enjoy a whole half chicken with two sides.

If it’s the dinner hour bring in the wife and kids, and for $26.99 you get the whole bird with three sides for $26.99. Easily feeds a family of four. You could undoubtedly spend more than that at Micky D’s, or at other run of the mill pizza or burger joint and come away not being satisfied. Not dining in, order ahead and bring a great meal home that will make everyone happy!

And what about the sides. Mario’s doesn’t cut corners when it comes to serving up authentic sides that complement the chicken, which is by far the main attraction. Simplicity is key here, with five side dishes on the menu including Mario’s Style Green Beans, Mario’s Style White Rice, and his signature vinegar based Mario’s Cole Slaw.

Don’t think for a minute they are everyday items, all are the real deal, just like you’d get if you dined at a cafe in Lima, Peru. Each and every side is seasoned to perfection to complete an already incredible meal.

Want a side a little closer to home than I recommend the thick cut steak fries, but if you feeling just a tad adventurous opt for the Yuca Fries, a starchy root tuber (similar to potatoes) native to Central and South America that will provide just a little more zest to your meal, especially when paired with Mario’s signature sauces Rocoto (hot) & Aji Amarillo (mild). However you place your order it will arouse the taste buds.

Coming in without the whole crew but maybe with someone 10 and under, Mario’s does have a couple of items on their kids menu including a kid favorite Salchipapas, basically a sliced all beef hot-dog served over steak fries with their choice of ketchup, mustard, mayo, rocoto and aji amarillo sauce. Wallet friendly at $7.75. Or for $8.99 they can feast on 1/4 chicken (all white) with any side. What kid doesn’t like hotdogs or chicken. Hearty and healthier meals are a welcome change from the norm.

If you’re carrying a sweet tooth with you to Mario’s than the Alfajores Caramel Cookie might fill the void. As expected it’s prepared with native Peruvian & Spanish recipes in mind using pure honey, almonds, nuts, sugar, flour and spices, such as aniseed, sesame, cilantro, cloves and cinnamon to create a delightful confection that is the ideal ending to an authentic Peruvian meal. Chocolate lovers may prefer the Chocotejas, a truffle filled with dulce de leche (caramelized milk) and dried fruit. Savor both for around $2.

Chicken like it’s cousin barbecued pork are staples in the south. While there are any number of eateries where you can dine on fried chicken, or order a grilled or breaded chicken sandwich, there are few serving up authentic Peruvian style chicken.

If you live anywhere near Mount Pleasant Towne Center or on the Isle of Palms, or if you have any reason to be in East of the Cooper for business, I recommend putting Mario’s Peruvian Chicken on your dining card. Step outside your normal routine and take a walk on the Peruvian side. Find them at 1909 N. Hwy 17 Suite A/100 in the Sweet Grass Shopping Center near IOP Connector in Mount Pleasant. Visit their site at


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