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How to Promote Your Music During the Pandemic



Over the two years, the music industry and the world have gone through a period of uncertainty because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing measures and the prohibition of large in-person gatherings have made it impossible to hold live performances and concerts.

No more live performing doesn’t mean that a thriving music career has to be on a permanent hiatus, however, as there are still ways to promote and elevate music now.

Embrace the Streaming Platform

Streaming has been a huge and influential part of the music industry for a few years, but the pandemic and subsequent cancellation of concerts and live shows caused an exponential increase in streaming. Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music are the more popular ones and would be the priority for uploading new releases, but there are hundreds of streaming platforms that exist. However, the most benefit brings promotion on Spotify.

Of course, simply posting music on streaming platforms will not do much, if no one knows about new releases and that brings us to the next tool.

Social Media is Where Everything Happens

People having to spend so much time at home means that everyone invariably spends most of the day staring at one of two screens; the TV or a phone. Stats even prove that social media usage has gone up by more than sixty percent since the pandemic.Interacting with fans on social media is now more critical than ever. Posting content about new singles and albums, behind-the-scenes footage of recording and producing tracks, hosting live interactive sessions are all ways of utilizing social media. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the hottest social media platforms right now, and a consistent presence on at least two of them is best. In addition, YouTube is respectably valid for posting music videos.

Live Streams are Quite Popular

Another form of streaming that has seen a massive increase in popularity is the live stream. Live streaming has become almost twice as popular as it was pre-pandemic. People have shown a willingness to listen in and watch people they like to about their day-to-day activities. Live streaming allows artists to interact with their fans more intimately than almost any other means. Twitch and YouTube are the more dedicated live streaming platforms, but most significant social media such as Twitter and Instagram have features that allow for live streaming.

Commercialize Your Merchandise

Branded shirts and other clothing are still a relevant way artists promote themselves and their music. Album covers, a band logo, or other associated artwork printed across clothes allows an artist to sell their brand, advertise a new single or album, give something to the fans, and is also a profitable business venture in itself.

Yes, the music industry has taken a hit these last few years. Still, it has not been the end during the pandemic, as this time away from the fast pace of everyday life has allowed many artists and musicians to refresh, write new music, learn new instruments, and become better artists. There are many ways to make the best of this free time, and when the world finally opens back up, we’ll all be better for it.

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