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Roofing Contractor Recounts Hurricane Andrew Aftermath in New Memoir



Nearly thirty years ago, Hurricane Andrew ripped through Florida and left billions of dollars worth of damage in its wake, making it one of the costliest and most memorable storms in history. At the time, roofing contractor Ed Murton was living in Charleston overseeing construction projects related to Hurricane Hugo and can vividly recall the storm that reshaped South Florida.

“When I first saw images of the damage on TV the day after the storm, I immediately packed a bag and jumped in the car to drive to Miami,” Murton said. In his new memoir, Hurricane Andrew, Murton recounts how he immediately sprang to action to assist his family, friends, employees, and customers who were affected by the storm and also reflects on the complexity of the cleanup and reconstruction process

With over 100,000 homes without roofs, the community was in desperate need for roofing specialists. Murton and his team, including his two brothers, worked tirelessly to assist with residential repairs, and they were instrumental in the reopening of Miami schools. Additionally, they reroofed two major buildings at the Miami International Airport. Looking back, Murton recognizes that the aftermath of Andrew was a pivotal moment for his company.

“My brothers and I had been growing the business for 20 years, but it wasn’t until after Hugo and Andrew that we saw our hard work valued,” Murton said. “We were very grateful for the ability to help these communities recover and rebuild.” Hurricane Andrew: From the Eye of a Roofing Contractor is available for purchase online at

About the Author

Edward Murton is the founder and owner of Murton Roofing in Miami. His company was instrumental in the reopening of Charleston after Hurricane Hugo. When he’s not holding a hammer, he is holding a fishing rod. An avid sport fisherman, he has competed in 25 national and international tournaments and has been awarded over $200,000 in prize money. He is the author of Hurricane Hugo: From the Eye of a Roofing Contractor and Hooked, a memoir about his competitive fishing experience.










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