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3 of the Best CBD Products for Pain



Pain is an issue that everyone has to deal with at multiple points in their lives, whether it’s a pulled muscle, rolling your ankle, stubbing your toe or getting a cut. Some people will also deal with more serious injuries or trauma, from car accidents to surgery, along with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or inflammation.

While there are common pain relief tips and medications, a new method that is safe and natural is using cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a natural compound extracted from hemp. It has minimal side effects, and unlike many of the stronger prescriptions like opioids, it is not addictive. If you want to try CBD to relieve your pain, you can start with these three products that are especially useful for the task.

1. Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD contains a higher amount of terpenes and cannabinoids from hemp. The more you use other cannabinoids together, the more the effects of each become more potent compared to when they are on their own. This is a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. That means the pain and inflammation relief properties become more enhanced, which is better than using pure CBD isolate or even broad spectrum CBD that has fewer cannabinoids. There are plenty of pain management washington dc places you can buy these products.

2. CBD Epsom Salts

Epsom salts have long been used as an effective means of reducing pain and inflammation in your muscles and joints. They are a special kind of salt found in natural springs in England, and they contain minerals like magnesium and sulfate. They are commonly used as bath salts for people to soak in hot water and have the minerals absorbed through the skin. Being able to mix the epsom salt with the CBD helps enhance the pain relief even greater, and the hot water can help if your pain is due to sore muscles, since the heat opens blood vessels and helps speed up the healing process.

3. CBD Roller

The final product that is made especially to help pain is a CBD pain stick roller. You apply the end of the roller to your skin and slide it over the area where you are feeling pain. It dispenses the CBD and other ingredients used to reduce pain and inflammation to the target area. It works best for pain in the skin or muscle layer closer to the surface of your skin. The benefit is that the CBD is applied directly to the area, but the drawback is that the effects don’t last as long as if you were to ingest CBD oil.


These are by no means the only products that use CBD to help reduce pain, but they are some of the best you can find at dispensaries like Joy Organics. One word of caution is that while CBD has minimal side effects, it can have a bad reaction if you combine it with some medications. If you take any prescriptions for chronic pain, make sure you consult with your doctor before taking CBD.

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