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Q&A: Blake Wexler To Film Comedy Special at Theater 99 on November 18th



Holy City Sinner recently spoke with comedian Blake Wexler about his upcoming performance at Theatre 99. The show, which will be held on November 18th at 8 pm, will be filmed for Wexler’s first comedy special.

Enjoy the interview below:

HCS: Blake you’re a native of Philadelphia, you’ve been living in Los Angeles for 10 years, why choose Charleston to film your first comedy special?


BW: Charleston is one of my favorite cities in the world. The people, the food, the beer. My parents live here. Theater 99 is a really special place, not just because it’s an amazing venue run by amazing people, but my sister also manages the theater. So I really can’t imagine a more perfect place to do the biggest show of my 16-year career.


HCS: You mentioned you already have familial roots in Charleston, but you’ve also told us that you’re planting seeds for a business venture in the area as well? This is an exclusive you’ve given to Holy City Sinner.


BW: That’s right I guess you could say it’s a Wexclusive [editor’s note: Wexler chuckles to self for 15 straight seconds]. No, but seriously, I have decided to become an investor in a brand new BBQ restaurant out in Goose Creek. It’s called Little Guy’s BBQ.


HCS: Congratulations! It is worth noting that Charleston is obviously known for its legendary BBQ, so what sets your place apart from the ample competition?


BW: Honestly, it’s the mission statement. Little Guy’s BBQ exclusively caters to men 5’6” or smaller.


HCS: What?

BW: When Guy Little, who’s the founder and pit master, approached me with this idea, I thought he was completely out of his mind. And he probably is in too many ways to count. But then I did more thinking, and you really don’t see any restaurants like that. A place that specifically engineers its food to the height of the men who eat there. So to me, it fills an important gap in the market.


HCS: Ok. As a stand-up, you’re out there alone, it’s a solo occupation. How have you adapted to working in a partnership with someone like Guy Little?


BW: Just like anything else it takes some getting used to, but overall it has been really great. Guy has something called “awake apnea” where when he is sitting down, or speaking to me on the phone, he sounds like a wolverine caught in a beartrap. His words not mine. He’s also pretty stubborn, so when I make a suggestion I have to trick him into thinking it’s his idea, which isn’t very difficult to do. Guy doesn’t have a traditional education, in that he has never set foot inside a school.


HCS: Anything else before we go?


BW: I just really appreciate The Holy City Sinner for giving me this platform to discuss the two biggest things in my life right now: The filming of my stand-up comedy special at Theater 99 on November 18th at 8pm, tickets here:, and my BBQ restaurant, Little Guy’s BBQ.
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