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Tips to get you started with online bingo



Online bingo is a popular game that has been around and loved for decades and is one of the most popular games played on bingo websites. This game was created in 1929 and since then it has risen in popularity all around the world. One of the reasons that online bingo is so popular is because it doesn’t require you to leave your house to play. There is a wide variety of sites available that players can use to easily play their favorite card game with limited hassle or time wasted. If you’re hesitant about which one to try first, you should consider choosing a Playtech bingo site, which are websites hosting bingo games developed by Playtech Software. They are probably the biggest name in the industry and their sites are safe and regulated so you can enjoy your bingo experience to the fullest. You can play bingo free of charge and if you do end up paying, it will always be at a low cost with no special equipment needed. Bingo also helps people socialize and even earn some money. Anyone can start playing bingo quickly however you need to know-how and this article will explain just that.

What is online bingo and how does it work?

Bingo is a popular card game where numbers are randomly drawn by a caller and then players mark off the matching number on their cards. The first person who manages to mark off all of their numbers is crowned the winner. This game was invented in 1929, however, legend has it that bingo was first played in Italy in the 1500’s and then moved to France in the late 1700’s under the name “Le Lotto”, mainly played by the French aristocracy. Sociologists claim that bingo is popular because it starves off boredom and loneliness. Throughout the years, people have gathered at bingo halls which have become a hub of local communities allowing residents to socialize and meet new and like-minded people. To play this game, players need to first purchase cards and mark all the even, odd and pre-drawn numbers. The caller will draw and call out random numbers until someone calls out bingo which means that their entire card is filled and they win. To win, you must mark all of the numbers on a line and when a line of 5 numbers is marked, that particular player must shout Bingo! There are different types of bingo games including:

  1. 30 ball bingo: played with 3×3 square bingo cards and 30 balls.
  2. 90 ball bingo: bingo cards are 15 numbers divided into 3 rows of five and use 90 balls.
  3. 80 ball bingo:  bingo card has 16 squares, 4 rows, 4 columns, and 80 balls.
  4. 75 ball bingo: cards have 25 squares organized into 5 rows with 5 numbers and 75 balls.

Each bingo variation has its unique odds.

How to play the game and what you need to get started

Before you can get started, you first need to learn the difference between each of the 4 types of bingo games so that you can choose a game that suits you and your current situation at the time. For example, if you do not have a lot of time available to play, you will want to play 30 ball bingo because it is a shorter game and is ideal for people who cannot dedicate long periods to the game. It is also vital for you to know the difference between free online games and paid online games. Paid online games offer a better experience overall. When playing online bingo, you can decide whether you want to play in real-time against other players or if you want to play against a computer. Playing against a real person in real-time is more engaging and interactive which will provide a much more fun experience. To play a game of bingo you need 3 things: Bingo tickets, daubers, and numbers.

Tips for beginners on how to win at bingo

Before playing make sure that the site you want to use is reputable because when you start playing for real cash, you are required to deposit into an online bingo account. You will know if a site is reputable or not based on whether they are licensed in jurisdictions approved by the gambling commission in their area. Before registering you can also test out a few free trials and you can generate loyalty points by signing up and spending money. To win big, you want to play when fewer players are online and buy more bingo cards.

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