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How Gender Neutral Beauty is Transforming the Skincare Industry



Gender has been in the headlines quite a bit lately. As more and more people are challenging the stereotypes, the concept of masculinity and femininity has been called into question. All of those rigid definitions that society used to stand by are starting to soften, with the idea of inclusivity taking their place.

It never takes long for shifts in society to be reflected across the major industries. After all, businesses need to stay relevant in order to succeed, and skincare companies are no exception. Granted, this is an industry that has historically been female-oriented, but, as it turns out, there isn’t actually a need to segregate skincare products based on gender, which paves the way for gender neutral beauty to become the new norm.

Male Skin vs. Female Skin

It’s true – there are some inherent differences between male and female skin, but they don’t necessarily warrant separate products.

For starters, male skin tends to be generally oilier than female skin. This is down to the extra testosterone produced by men, which is also responsible for male skin being thicker than female skin. As a result, men don’t experience transepidermal water loss at quite the same rate, meaning that male skin is usually better hydrated too.

However, these are all generalizations. As you probably know, everyone’s skin is different. Skin type varies hugely between individuals, and this is what really counts when it comes to skincare.

Skin Type vs. Gender Type

Even though male skin usually produces more sebum than female skin, there are so many women out there that have oilier skin than the men in their lives. Likewise, some men will have much drier skin than the average woman. Although their skin may be thicker, and therefore more resistant to the visible signs of aging, everything from teenage acne to accumulated UV exposure can cause damage, which is why some men may experience thinning skin and wrinkles earlier than some women.

As you can see, when it comes to judging the state of your own skin, gender doesn’t play much of a role. The beauty of a skincare routine is that it allows you to tailor the products you’re using to your skin’s individual needs, and these skin concerns tend to be shared across the genders.

Consumers Start to Experiment

Supply and demand is at the core of every industry, and the change in demand has significantly helped in pushing the skincare industry towards inclusivity.

The new generation of consumers is experimental. Not only are they eager to try new cosmetics in the hopes of helping their skin, but they’re also not opposed to using products designed for the opposite sex. In fact, many men believe that skincare designed for women is more effective, while many women purchase men’s skincare products because they offer the ingredients that they need, but at a much lower price than the alternatives for women.

It may have taken a while, but the beauty industry has finally taken note. Gender neutral makeup was the first to emerge, but gender neutral skincare was close on its heels.

The Rise of Gender Neutral Skincare Products

Being an early adopter, meaning one of the first businesses to try out a new product or idea, can make or break a brand. Fortunately, for the handful of skincare brands that ventured forth into the gender neutral world, their bravery paid off. Consumers loved the idea – not only did the concept of inclusive skincare appeal to them, but they also appreciated how it helped to take so much of the hassle out of purchasing decisions.

Gender neutral products tend to focus on specific skin concerns, rather than on gender. Whether you’re looking for the best acne treatment, an anti-wrinkle solution, or a cream to target dry patches, brands are now emphasizing the importance of allowing your skin to dictate what you need, rather than your gender.

In addition to creating gender neutral formulas, brands are also overhauling their packaging. Those days of florals and pastels for women versus dark minimalism for men will soon be in the past – brands are now embracing non-gendered packaging, and again, the response from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive.


Consumers are now actively seeking out brands that are putting effort into being as inclusive as possible. This has paid off in a big way for the handful of brands that were passionately behind the gender neutral concept from the start. After witnessing their success, the mainstream market is quickly following – gender neutral skincare will soon be everywhere, and it’ll be here to stay.

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