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God slots are extremely popular with players, there is something about the power that a deity wields that makes them perfect for free slots no download. Although most slot games that use this theme feature Gods from Ancient Greece, this is not always the case. 


Religions have proved to be a great basis for slot games, everybody is familiar with the concept of religion, even if they do not believe themselves. It makes the iconography instantly recognisable to people. Although you will be hard pressed to find a slot game which deals with modern religions, there are many slots which explore the Gods of the past including Odin and the other Greek Gods. Sometimes these slot games are tongue in cheek too, taking famous events such as Noah’s Ark and placing a humorous spin on them in an effort to entertain. Although these slots are not offensive at all, some more religious members of the slot community may balk at God being portrayed in such a humorous way, this is something to consider before you start playing. 

Best God slots

Most God themed slots will be the Ancient Greek Gods. These are characters such as Zeus, Odin and Thor. The following slot games have proven to be incredibly popular with players.

  1. Age of the Gods – This slot was developed by Playtech and it features a low volatility which is sure to attract some players. As the name implies, this slot features a range of Gods including Zeus and Hercules. This slot is particularly noteworthy for the amazing soundtrack which really helps to set the mood.
  2. Age Of The Gods: King Of Olympus – This slot is a variant of the original Age of the Gods slot, although it offers a different playing experience. Also developed by Playtech, this slot features a nice RTP of 95% and an alluring progressive jackpot feature. 

Other types

With so many religions in the world, there is no way that one slot game can cover them all. There are a variety of different religions which are featured in God themed slot games.

  •     Christian/Catholic – One of the most used interpretations of God in these types of slot games is the Christian/Catholic God. This is due to the prevalence of these religious followers in the west. These slot themes will usually be more tongue in cheek, basing themselves in cartoonish depictions of famous events such as Noah’s Ark.
  •     Greek Gods – While modern religions are sometimes used for the basis for a slot, Greek Gods are without question the more popular option. These instantly recognisable characters, such as Zeus, Loki and Thor, help to make these slots memorable for players. Aspects of their characterisation, such as Thor being the God of thunder, can also be worked into the gameplay to create a more exciting experience.

Final Thoughts

God slots are popular with players and for good reason. Don’t wait until some divine intervention before you start playing these slots, try them now! You may find that the Gods are with you and you experience a nice win!

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