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We are an NYC moving company. Are you planning a flat move? Maybe a distance or local move? If so, we recommend taking advantage of the extensive assistance of the Zeromax team. Our team will manage the moving preparations. We’ll also transport your items to the address you indicate. No matter what moment it is we have skilled moving professionals who can provide quick service. You can place a request at any time and your equipment will be delivered within 15 minutes after you have agreed on the terms.

Our Moving Services

Our movers from New York are only professionals who know their work well. We also offer packaging material at wholesale rates. We offer discounts for customers who are regular. Local moving services offered by us can be paid with cash or non-cash.

  1. Our company can provide residential movers. You’ll be able to avoid the hassle and enjoy the services of skilled craftsmen with our residential mover. The firm that manages moving of apartments as well as packing, offers assembly and placement of appliances and furniture.
  2. Flat rate movers – Moving services at a flat rate are only for professional movers. Furniture transport and assembly.
  3. Cheap boxes for moving – We have professionals as movers and drivers, as well as their own production of packaging, and can move the most delicate objects. Our company is fully accountable for every financial transaction.
  4. Local Movers Local Movers – Our local movers are familiar with the region and know how to move. They have an understanding of the layouts of many houses and businesses within the region. Our professional movers can know what kind of packaging and other materials you’ll need and have more chances to have the consumables you require.
  5. Storage – Moving warehouses or production facilities. Warehouse shelving can be disassembled or assembled.
  6. Fine art moving – Family photos, small mirrors, as well as accent pieces of art, are best wrapped in bubble wrap and newsprint before being placed on top of an empty cardboard box that is lined with bubble wrap or foam pad.
  7. Long-distance movers from our firm will professionally manage your long-distance relocation quickly and smoothly without any difficulty. All your staff will be carefully packed for transportation over long distances.
  8. Professional movers – Commercial movers are proficient in their work. They take into consideration all the details. A professional company is far better than a private mover. These types of companies can do the job incorrectly and may end up damaging your possessions. If this happens it is unlikely that you’ll receive compensation. It’s not worth the highest cost to hire commercial removalists.

Moving Cost Calculator and Its Features

You need to be able to estimate the expense of moving your belongings from the cottage, an apartment, or office. You can estimate the costs of transporting your belongings remotely if the volume of work is small. For example, suppose the space for office use is intended for 10 employees. To ensure the most precise estimation, the transportation firm, it is necessary to answer some questions related to the quantity of property that is transported and the client should be prepared in advance with the information needed.

There are many calculations involved when you move, including cost estimates and mileage. How much space your household items and furniture will take up is a key aspect to consider when moving. It is important to know the space that your belongings consume to avoid paying for too many spaces. Input each item you plan to bring along with its basic dimensions into the online moving estimate calculator below. Then you will see how many square meters all your items add up to. You can use this square footage calculation to make the most informed decision about how to relocate your belongings to a new location.

Zeromax What is the reason to choose it?

  • Responsibilities for the property and its finish,
  • Personal manager,
  • Only professional movers, not off the street movers,
  • During the moving process, supervision of personnel and transport throughout the removal.
  • We have years of experience with difficult removals.
  • A valuer can visit you for no cost at your time of convenience

Professional staff, on-site transportation competitive prices, and years of experience can all assist us in making every move fast, safe, and comfortable for our clients. Our mover and our team will ensure the safety and comfort of moving to a new apartment. Each order is assigned a sufficient number of Movers to make sure the task is completed in an efficient and secure way.

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