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The Best Time to Post on Youtube in 2021



YouTube is by far the best online video service.It has become a benchmark for entertainment, education, and social media marketing.

And now, everyone is competing for the audience. The competition is so fierce that it is hard to attract attention. But this is not impossible. There are many ways to make a channel stand out and win a place. Read the guide below to learn the best time to post on YouTube and make the most of the service.

If you combine the strategies outlined below with a reputable service like SubPals to buy YouTube subscribers, you will surely stand out from the rest and see quicker growth results.

When is the best time to post a video on YouTube? 

The best time to post a video to YouTube is between 2 pm to 4 pm. Most viewers watched the video in the evening. Between 7 pm and 10 pm is when YouTube gets the most traffic, so you need to index your videos at that time. Thursday and Friday are often the best days to post on YouTube. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are the worst days to post on YouTube because people return to work and spend less time browsing YouTube.


Is it vital to schedule before uploading a video to YouTube? 

Yes, it is! Social networks are related to time. If you post a video at an inappropriate time, it may provide very little return. However, if you share your video on YouTube at the right time, you can reap great rewards. Posting a video to YouTube at the best time can generate up to 2 to 5 times the number of youtube views. Therefore, it’s crucial to post videos wisely, not randomly.


Why post time works differently on YouTube 

Through social media and Pinterest, we can post when our audience likes most. It is because people may see the content immediately. But YouTube works differently. You need to find the best time to publish and then publish as soon as possible. For example, if your peak viewing time is between 7 pm and 10 pm. , Then you should post between 2 pm and 4 pm. Why? Because YouTube needs to index content in the same way as Google. It is much faster than Google, but the idea is the same. It means that when you publish content, it takes some time for YouTube to understand it and then start showing it to people. The day of the week will also affect the time before you post.


Set a posting schedule 

Develop a schedule for the content at the most effective time. Find it by analyzing the trends of all tracking indicators. Analyze progress with custom reports Continue to create custom reports to identify trends and behaviors. This process will help companies track data for success.


How do you find your posting schedule? 

Go to YouTube Analytics in YouTube Studio. When you are in the control panel, click Analyze. There you will see a chart in real-time click View More on the same card. At the top of the screen, you will see the previously enlarged chart. If you hover your mouse over the bars on the chart, you can see the time. Note down your best time of the week (or two or three) to determine your peak time. In this way, you adjust the posting suggestions that apply to your channel.

If you’re new to YouTube and haven’t figured it out yet, try to see what works best for your audience. But at least you now have a starting point for the experiment. It is about knowing who your target audience is (not just your post schedule), so you can determine when they wake up.


Consult your subscribers 

Remember, YouTube’s algorithm follows the audience. Instead of playing a guessing game, vote on your video when the audience wants to watch it. If you have access to the community tab, voting on your audience and getting their feedback can be invaluable.


Some tips for scheduling YouTube videos

Most users watch YouTube for a similar amount of time as they watch TV. That said, your ideal release time depends on your target audience. The most effective timing for one channel is not necessarily the same for the other channel. In addition, please be sure to upload your video before these peak viewing hours. Since it takes some time for YouTube to index your video and complete search results, you need to publish it a few hours in advance.


When is the best time to upload a video to YouTube over the weekend? 

On weekends, users are more likely to be active on YouTube in the afternoon (they usually work on weekdays). Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your YouTube posts a few hours before 10 am to 11 am on weekends. EST or CST (depending on the location of your target audience). This way, YouTube still has time to index your video and complete your search results.


Best time of year 

Due to seasonal events and holidays, certain times of the year are the best time for video sharing. Production is highest during holidays such as December and January, followed by spring. Although all these times are the best time to publish, some companies can successfully contact other days of the week.



Don’t forget that in addition to uploading at the right time, it’s crucial to ensure that your content is of the highest quality and that increases engagement on Youtube. Personal relevance is the key to attracting the attention of YouTube users. In addition, designing high-quality thumbnails and the number of subscribers (Best Site To gain Youtube Subscribers) is essential for people browsing YouTube to click and watch your video.

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