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The Best Places to Board Your Dog in San Francisco



San Francisco has a wonderful reputation for being dog-friendly, and as such, canine residences are in no short supply. There is a myriad of places to board your pet around the city. The choices include dog hotels, day centers with lodging, pet sitters, and more, all offering a variety of services to suit your dog’s needs. The hard part will be deciding which of these great options is best for your pooch.

Pet Camp

Pet Camp is a doggy daycare center that promises vast and varied spaces to run and play. Their focus is on activity and playtime. They offer individual rooms for each dog with a comfy bed and heated floors for overnight stays.

Established in 1997, Pet Camp takes its inspiration from summer camps. They make sure that your dog’s stay is like their very own vacation with energetic camp counselors and endless activities.

In addition to the group play, Pet Camp allows dog owners to request different add-ons and customize their stay to each dog’s needs.

If you’re looking to find a pet hotel in San Francisco, check out Pet Camp as a possible fit for your furry friend.

The Pawington

Describing itself as a pet resort, The Pawington is a first-class dog hotel in the Bay Area. Promising high-quality care, comfort, and fun, this canine accommodation has a variety of facilities to cater to all types of dogs.

There are several suites available with varying sizes and levels of elegance. The more exclusive suites include extras such as a TV and webcam as well as complimentary baths and belly rubs. For less elaborate stays, guests can choose from an à la carte menu of activities and extras.

Inspired by lake Tahoe, the main attraction at The Pawington is the lake area where dogs can swim and play fetch to their heart’s content.

Fog City Dogs

Open since 2002, Fog City Dogs is a daycare, grooming, and boarding facility that promises premium care, relaxation, and fun for its guests.

With a customized approach, this option prides itself on an attentive experience. They offer private suites with beds and calming music. The play area boasts modern equipment for individual or group play, while the grooming facilities present a range of pampering services.

The staff at Fog City Dogs are big animal lovers and spend their time doting on their guests to make sure they feel at home.


An alternative option for dog accommodation is a home boarding choice. Rover is an online community of individual dog sitters. This means you can select from a list of pet-lovers in your local area who are available to take in your dog while you’re away. They lodge your pet in their home and take care of feeding and walking them.

The benefits of electing someone to care for your pet in their home include being able to personalize their stay and adapt to your dog’s specific needs. They’ll also feel safe and secure in someone’s home. It’s important to make sure your dog gets to know their carer by visiting them beforehand.

How To Choose

Your dog probably feels like a part of your family, so it’s totally normal to be concerned about boarding them while you’re away. But with so many fantastic options available, it needn’t be a hassle for your pooch.

Get in touch with your vet or local pet store for information on the options in San Francisco, or take a look online. Find out as much as you can and read the reviews before making your decision. If possible, take your pup to visit the residences and get to know the carers. This will help you make an informed decision and find the right fit. Each service has its pros and cons, but the important thing is that whatever you choose works for you and your dog.

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