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Why Some People Cannot Write Papers?



Writing a research paper is an art. Most people research on different topics and publish their findings in research papers. Therefore, there are distinct formats and rules to write research papers. There are several national and international journals where you can publish your paper, but each of them prefers different formats of research papers.

Though there are different approaches to writing papers, some people like to write those following international rules. In doing this, many people make several common mistakes due to which they find themselves unable to write research papers. Some of these mistakes are technical and some of them are methodical. Here are some of the most common mistakes which can restrict people from writing good papers.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Arguments

While you are writing a research paper, it is obvious that you would try to defend your hypothesis with strong arguments. In connection to that, people keep finding arguments in favor of their thoughts towards the topic. To do that, they bring out facts, quotes as well as statistical data through their writings. But if you are overdoing this work, then it can make you confused. You need not incorporate too many arguments in support of your thesis. You need to bring forward only those arguments which are directly related to your topic. Grab My Essay writing experts can help you with writing any type of essay.

2. Plagiarism

It is considered a criminal offense while you are publishing a research paper at any national or international level journal. Basically, while your writing matches with the writing of another person word by word, it is considered plagiarism.

    • Most international and national level journals allow a certain percentage of plagiarism.
    • Certified English translation software will consider the names of writers and research papers, previously written, as plagiarized.
  • But if the count of plagiarism goes beyond that percentage, your paper may get rejected. Since a research paper is a kind of intellectual property, you need to stay cautious that it doesn’t match with some other’s paper word by word.
  • The topic and the research hypothesis may be close to each other but the writing style, as well as a combination of words, should be different.

3. Introduction and Conclusion

Introduction and conclusion are the most important part of a research paper. Through the introduction, you bring forward the first look of your research paper. On the contrary, you put the final verdict of the research paper through the conclusion. Therefore, you need to write the introduction and the conclusion properly and with distinct thoughts. There should be no half measures behind the causes you put for your topic and your argument. Many of the new research paper writers start writing the research papers with a different thought and get confused during the writing and put confusing writings. You need to avoid this while you are writing a research paper.

4. Never Neglect the Instruction

While you are writing a research paper, it is for sure that you are taking a guide from some of your professors. But while the writer gets involved in writing the paper, they generally start ignoring the instructions from their guide. It happens as newer facts and data come in front of them while writing a research paper. It seems that the points mentioned by the guide are less important and the others are of utmost importance. Therefore, they end up with confusing writings at the end and all their efforts go in vain.

5. Take Help

There are several online as well as offline writing software for students, through which you can get help while writing a research paper.

  • Most people use apps to avoid plagiarism, while others take help to correct their passages grammatically.
  • Therefore it is evident that if you are not that experienced in writing research papers or articles, you need to take help so that you can make the research paper a countable one.
  • Never Skip Post-Writing Stages

After you finish your writing part of the research paper, you should go on through several steps to portray it properly.

  • Therefore you need to revise the writing time and again and omit those parts which seem to be unmatched with the main topic.
  • It may happen that you have written many things during the writing stage which are not that important.
  • Thus you need to go through the paper time and again so that you can cut the unnecessary parts of the writing off.


If you can avoid these common mistakes, your research paper is surely going to be a unique one. Therefore you just need to follow these steps to make it a gem.

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