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Floor Sanding And Varnishing – A Quick, Practical Guide



If you are hiring a company or sanding the floor on your own, it is essential that you are familiar with the basics of the same. Otherwise, the results can be poor. You should know that if the floor is sanded and varnished in the right manner, then you will enjoy the results for years.

This article is a practical guide on different aspects regarding floor sanding and varnishing.

What are the benefits?

There are various advantages of floor sanding and varnishing. This is perhaps the reason why a lot of people are getting it done. Surveys show that if the floor is refined, then it will add more than 10% to the value of the property. It is a worthwhile investment that you can consider making. You can get to know more about it on

How to do it?

If you have chosen that you have to sand the floor, then there are certain things to take into account. The first step is definitely to consult a professional service who may guide you over the entire process. He will guide you on the equipment which will be required. There are certain logistical problems and concerns which you may have to take into account. These problems and concerns are best dealt with by a professional only. Make sure their instructions and advice are proper followed.


There are different sanders that you will need to get this job done. Drum sander is needed for the body of the floor. Edge sander will be needed for the borders of the floor. Vibrating sander will be needed if you need to do fine sanding.

In terms of technique, you need to have the same technique while using all the sanders. Make sure that you avoid jerky movements at all times. It is always good to begin with an area which is less noticeable. This to ensure that you are comfortable with the equipment before you start moving to areas which are more noticeable.


The final step that you need to consider is the finishing of the floor. A lot of professional experts will be able to tell you which finish is the best. Finishing is basically done in order to make the floor look more appealing and aesthetic. You should consider the existing décor and then choose the color and type of finishing that you want. This will help you maintain a consistent theme within your house. Veterans and professionals must be consulted in order get an idea of the finishing that can be chosen.

The bottom line

Above is all that you need to know about sanding and varnishing. Taking into account these factors will help you to get a better idea about how sanding is to be done. Nevertheless, there are various other things which a professional will help you with. It is always a good idea to consult professional experts for this job since they have experience and expertise.

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