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Are Crosswords Good for you?



Crosswords have been invented over 100 years ago but they are still popular among general audiences. Millions of people play crossword puzzles regularly. For some people, they are a source of entertainment, for some there is information to gain. Some people reduce their stress and anxiety by solving crosswords and for some, it’s a habit. Whatever the reasons, it’s evident that crosswords have received unparalleled admiration and love from people all over the world. Crosswords are played in every part of the world such as Australia, Japan, Kenya, Israel, India, Nepal, UAE, USA, UK, Nigeria, Mexico and Netherlands.

If your question is that are crosswords good for you? Then in this article, we will attempt to answer this question. After all, there must be a reason why millions of people still play them every day even after they have been here for over 100 years. To uncover the reasons why crosswords are good for you, check out the following reasons.

  • Crosswords are one of the Cheapest ways to have Fun

Crosswords can be played for free on many online sites. Many reputed newspapers and magazines publish them daily for free. You don’t have to pay any money to solve them. They are free for everyone to play. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people play crosswords. They don’t cost you anything. You just need a pen, pencil and a newspaper. For digital crossword, you just need a laptop or mobile device which we are sure you already have and Internet.

  • Crosswords have several health benefits

If you think we are exaggerating when we say that crosswords have health benefits, then let us assure you that is not the case. There are well documented scientific studies which have shown that people why play crosswords have lower risk of contracting brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. Of course, Crosswords is not a cure to Alzheimer’s but it can certainly prevent you from acquiring the disease.

Many people have reported that once they started playing crosswords, their anxiety and stress level were reduced. When you solve crosswords, you focus your brain activity only on solving the puzzle and you forget your other problems for a while. This is why your stress is lessened as you feel the joy of uncovering the answers.

  • Crosswords Increases your knowledge

Playing crosswords can increase your general knowledge about languages and other cultures. You may gain trivia while solving puzzles. Many crosswords are based on history, movies, games, songs etc. so your knowledge about them is increased. Crosswords can also expand your vocabulary. Some complicated words are hidden in the puzzle which you can use in your daily conversations.

  • Crosswords give you a sense of Accomplishment

Don’t you feel good when you set out to complete a task and finish it successfully? The joy you feel once you are successful in your quest no matter how small the task may be. This is the same sense of pride and self-esteem crossword fans feel when they successfully solve a puzzle. Men and women of all ages play crosswords regularly and with the help of clues, they try their best to solve the puzzle. These days, there are many complex crosswords like Cryptic Crosswords which are difficult to solve. Once you successfully solve them, you feel like you have accomplished something.


These are some of the reasons why crosswords are loved by millions of people. Obviously, there are a lot more advantages of crosswords but we are unable to list them all. We’re sure that these reasons alone are enough to convince you that crossword puzzles are really good for you. If you want to give crosswords a try, then one of the best places to play crosswords online is Newsday. It publishes amazing, unique and challenging crosswords daily. We certainly hope that you have a great time playing crosswords online.

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