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One-Click Entertainment: Top 5 UK Online Slots Games



The popularity of online games has grown tremendously during the last few years, thanks to the evolution of smartphones and the availability of state-of-the-art gaming consoles. Players from across the globe connect to play multiplayer games that have taken the entertainment and thrill of gaming to an entirely different level. Among these games, slot games are widely played by people across the globe. These games are so popular because they provide an opportunity for gamers to try their luck and win some fantastic rewards. Every online slot game has a different payout ratio, attracting online gamblers and amateur players who try their luck to maximize their winnings. Online casinos and e-gaming arenas are primarily known for slot games, where most online gamblers try their luck.

Many players take part in popular UK slot games every day to give themselves the best chance to win rewards. Online casino owners have upgraded their UI/UX interface with time to make slot games more attractive, user-friendly, and thrilling. The new and updated slot games have contemporary designs with flashing lights, exciting action sounds, and engaging graphics. The huge payouts and attractive bonus offers have made slot games popular among online gamblers, especially amateurs who are passionate and willing to take risks to maximize their chances of winning.

Slots have always been the center of attraction for online users, as it’s pretty easy to play with simple rules and regulations. Online gaming platforms are consistently updated to provide a better user interface and make gamblers inclined to play various slot games on a regular basis. These games are so addictive that gamers spend hours playing these games without getting bored. Online slot games also provide a platform for gamers to interact with each other, thus creating a space for people with mutual interests in the gaming world.

The Starburst slot game was released in 2012 and has so far attracted millions of online slot players. Starburst has a 96.09% Return to Player (RTP), which is attractive and satisfying for amateur players and online gamblers. The maximum jackpot a player can win is limited to £ 50,000, which is considered an enormous payout. In Starburst, every user has to place a bet ranging from £ 0.10 to £ 100. While playing Starburst, players would come across jewels, retro, and space themes blended in High Definition (HD) graphics. The Starburst slot machine has five reels and three rows, making re-spinning of slots more exciting. Moreover, the Starburst app is also available on iOS and Google app stores, making it easier to find and play this slot game.

Gonzo’s Quest
Gonzo’s Quest is considered one of the finest and oldest slots games available on the internet. The exciting bonus feature of Gonzo’s Quest attracts online gamblers and rookie players who want to make the best use of their time while enjoying their favorite slots game. The maximum winning jackpot is limited to £ 125,000, which is considered a pretty substantial jackpot-winning amount. Gonzo’s Quest has a decent RTP of 95.97% and an attractive user interface. While playing Gonzo’s Quest, the online gamer would experience themes related to action and adventure in 3D graphics. Each user can join the slot game by placing a bet between £ 0.20 and £ 50. Gonzo’s Quest has five reels and three rows, with unique hidden treasure features.

Book of Dead
Book of Dead has a high volatility rate but is among the best online slot games. The game was released in 2016 and, to date, has been among the top preferences of online gamblers. Book of Dead has a 94.25% RTP, with multiple bonus features. In this slot game, a user can win a maximum jackpot of £ 500,000. Moreover, it has an Egyptian-styled theme which makes slot games more attractive and unique. While playing Book of Dead, the user can place a bet between £ 0.10 to £ 100 and trust his luck to win the jackpot. The slot machine has five reels and three rows, making it very interactive for online slot players. The optional gambling feature increases the chances of winning the optional gamble after every spin. A mobile version of this game is available on the internet, making it easy to play for online gamblers and slot players.

Bonanza is a famous online slot game released in 2016. It has a very high volatility rate, however, it also offers some outstanding rewards. In this slot game, a player can win a jackpot of £ 240,000 and other bonuses. Bonanza has a 95.98% RTP, with fantastic bonus features for online gamblers. The entire game is developed on the theme of gold coins, golden color, and action. It has six reels and three rows, making it distinct from other online slot games. Every player can place bets between £ 0.20 to £ 20, which is quite attractive and pocket-friendly. Moreover, the game offers many interesting elements, which keep players on their toes and excited for bonuses and jackpots. The mobile version of Bonanza is available for download, making it highly convenient for online gamblers and amateur players to find and play this game.

Wolf Gold
Wolf Gold is among the best slot games launched in 2017, with a medium volatility rate. Online gamblers and players can try their luck and win a £ 250,000 jackpot. The online slot game has a 96.01% RTP with attractive jackpots and bonus features available throughout the game. As the name suggests, Wolf Gold is designed on animal and wild west themes with stunning gold coins throughout the slots. While playing, online players would experience a desert scenario, with red rocks and a glazing full moon and stars. It has five reels and three rows, with attractive and engaging 3D graphics. Players can place bets from £ 0.25 to £ 125 to win jackpots and other surprises. The money respin feature can maximize your jackpot earnings and make your dreams come true. E-gamers and gamblers can easily access Wolf Gold on their tablet and mobile screens and experience a fantastic user interface.

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