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Best Interviews To Watch On YouTube



One of the most engaging and long-lasting formats of content on YouTube is interviews. Celebrities, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from different spheres expose their experience and knowledge to the broad audience on this platform. This strategy – interviewing charming and popular guests – can buy cheap YouTube views for the author relatively short term. Of course, some part of the success depends on the interviewer as well, because they have to prepare the most intriguing questions, have strong personal charisma, and be able to maintain a conversation that other people would like to watch closely. This article gathers the most engaging interviews that are uploaded on YouTube – the ones that don’t lose their value even as time passes by.

Dolly Parton visits Oprah Winfrey’s Show

Dolly Parton is an iconic personality, widely known in America and abroad. Her charisma and wit cannot leave a person without feeling definitively positive about her. And Oprah is also an icon of interviewing, who digs deep and drives the conversation forward just like the locomotive pulls the wagons. And on the legendary talk show, the two have met. The talk between these women would never stick on anything for long. During the showtime, they have managed to cover various topics: hairstyle, God and religion, peculiar human nature, and many other aspects of life that concern them at the moment.

Monica Lewinsky’s Conversation With Barbara Walters

The affair with the US president Bill Clinton has made Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, a figurine of a massive scandal. She has revealed this intricate fact during the interview she had with Barbara Walters. The host asked Monica how she felt about the whole thing and if she ever wanted to start with Clinton again. Lewinsky has honestly described her emotions and thoughts about the topic.

60 Minutes, CBS, The Interview with Bill and Hillary Clintons 

Steve Croft’s interview with the presidential couple is still engaging as it reveals the natural character of Hillary, whose vibrant and bright personality was discovered ultimately as she also shows herself as a great orator. Seeing her genuine reaction to the accusations of her husband cheating on her still is quite an engaging experience to watch on YouTube.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was a rare guest for interviewers, but in 2002 she decided to defend her reputation and dignity with the host Diane Sawyer. Being constantly accused of taking drugs, Houston said that her fans have nothing to worry about. Thanks to her genetics, the star explained her thin figure by nature and claimed she would never get fat. Despite Whitney denying she is taking crack, she confided to the audience that she was using marijuana, cocaine, and prescription drugs earlier in her life.

Michael Jackson’s Talk With Oprah Winfrey 

When talking about the most interesting and engaging interviews, the name of Oprah will inevitably emerge in your mind because this woman has probably interviewed with all significant personalities of the epoch. Michael Jackson also had a conversation with a famous journalist. The main motive of this conversation that Oprah followed was the question of Michael’s appearance that seemed to change drastically. Michael said that he didn’t do any operations to change his skin color. Dramatic changes in his appearance were caused by progressing vitiligo – a disease that decreases melatonin in the organism, hence skin loses its color, becoming snowy white.

Stephen King And George R.R. Martin 

The true meeting of the titans. The masters of the written word have faced each other in Albuquerque and had a lot of things to discuss. The giants of modern literature have had a conversation that would be called sweet if not the topic of their love for violence and crimes as a topic for a book. Watching the way these incredible talents casually talk about various themes is a true inspiration for all fans.

Snoop Dogg And Lil Yachty

Truly entertaining dialogue between a master and rising star, where Snoop Dogg and Lil Yachty discuss their music along with other aspects of life that rappers meet in their career, and of course, the love they have for their moms. The whole interview is set as braggadocio – this is a sort of rap game that is often used among the artists in this niche. Along with his experience in rapping, Snoop Dogg is passing to the younger talent some other things.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry talk to Oprah

And again, nothing can beat the professionalism and influence of the great interviewer Oprah Winfrey. After Meghan and Harry left the palace, they gathered some effort, and Meghan decided to reveal her life behind the golden bars of the royal residence. In their interview with Oprah, the couple has shared difficulties their marriage has met during staying near the queen. In particular, Meghan said she was suicidal feelings and had met racist prejudices in the royal family when she was pregnant. One of the shocking details that the couple discovered to the audience was that the royals were concerned about “how brown” their baby will be and if it would affect their reputation.

Stormy Daniels for 60 Minutes on CBS

After a scandalous revelation of an adult film star Stormy Daniels, the political world has been shaken. Stephanie Clifford – that’s the real name of this woman – has sat down with the show host Anderson Cooper to open up some details about her affair with Donald Trump. Stormy met Trump on a golf field in 2006. She was 27 at the time, while Trump was 60. She has tried once before to discover the details of her relationship with the influential and powerful man. Still, his attorney has bought her silence just 11 days before the election.

Kim Kardashian 

One of the iconic conversations happened between Oprah and Kim when she started her head-spinning career. And yet again, we come back to the incredible personality of Oprah Winfrey and her talent as an interviewer. Kim Kardashian came up to open up some details about her relationship with NBA player Kris Humphries – they were married for 72 hours only. But the main topic that was discussed in the show was the leak of a sex tape that has made the Kardashians famous. In the interview, the hostess and her guest try to understand the phenomenon of Kim Kardashian becoming one of the top influencers of her time.


In this article are collected the most exciting and engaging interviews to watch. Although some of them were filmed before the wild popularity of YouTube and primarily gathered a lot of buzz on television, all of them are discoverable on the platform today, still being an exquisite material to get views.

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