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Top 7 Must Read Books in 2020



For an avid reader, nothing is as pleasant as the smell of a new book. If you have already read the most notable books of 2019, you will find this post helpful. 2020 is not here yet, but in this post, we would like to look forward to the future. Read on to learn about some of the best books you can read next year.

  1. Qualityland by Marc-Uwe Kling


In Qualityland, the writer paints the picture of a country where everything is automated and convenient. This is a world of digital personal assistants. They find everything you need and make your life easy. A universal ranking system shows you how you can excel in society.


Marc-Uwe Kling is an already established German writer and you will fall in love with his writing even if you read the book in English translation. This review will give you a deeper sense of the tone of the book.


It also tells the story of a successful company, TheShop, formed by advanced algorithms. In this world, everything is personal and everything is easy. But one day, the foundations of Qualityland are questioned when Peter Jobless and resident of Qualityland receives an unwanted package from TheShop.


The Book will take you to the foreseeable future and you will enjoy the ride!

  1. The Guest List by Lucy Foley


To celebrate the marriage of Will and Jules, guests are invited to a remote island. They have planned everything meticulously to enjoy the occasion with old friends.


They expect that it would be a perfect day. But things got gnarly when they discovered a dead body. This murder adds a twist to the story.


This is the story of a groom who has a deep secret. It features a man who has a mysterious past. Lucy Foley’s new book will not disappoint you.


  1. Agency by William Gibson


This book will take you back in 2017 when the political scenario in the western hemisphere was a bit different. Brexit did not take place and Hilary Clinton was still in the White House.


Verity Jane, the focal character of the book, gets a new job. She works for a shadowy start-up and calls her “the app-whisperer.” She is assigned to evaluate Eunice, digital assistant, which has its own ideas.


Verity soon discovers that Eunice is not only extremely smart but also profoundly paranoid. It conceals the fact that Verity is being watched by some bad people.


The story then goes to the future, in a post-apocalyptic London. Wilf Netheron, as a part of his job, looks into the past when Eunice and Verity existed. Things get gnarly then. Help from the future will be needed to fix the issue.


William Gibson is a notable science fiction writer and he has already made many readers curious about this new book. The Guardian published an article praising the relevance and content of the book.

  1. Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid


Alix Chamberlain shows other women how to get things they want. She is a professional blogger and has two small girls. As a confidence-driven brand, she is enthusiastic about what she does. Emira Tucker, Chamberlain’s babysitter, shocks her one night.


Emira is accused of kidnapping Chamberlain’s toddler at the local supermarket. Soon, people gather, everything is filmed, and Emira is utterly humiliated. Alix vows to make things right.


But Emira is not ready to take Alix’s help, because she is broke and aimless. Emira is just 25 but does not know what she should do with her life. The story takes a turn when the video of Emira reveals someone who was a part of Alix’s past. Then both women relearn important things about life.


Book lovers are often known for procrastination. If you are a procrastinator and you often miss your deadlines, there are people out there who can help you.


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  1. This Lovely City by Louise Hare


This book will take you back to London of 1950. After the war, the city is under reconstruction. England needs help, and Lawrie Matthews, a Jazz musician responds to that call. After returning from Jamaica, Lawrie starts living in south London and falls in love with a girl.


By day, Lawrie works as a postman. At night, he tours Soho’s music halls. Lawrie is full of positivism and loves everything from the bottom of his heart. But events take a turn when Lawrie makes a terrible discovery one morning.


Local community rallies start suspecting those who had been warmly welcomed previously. Lawrie meets a tragedy because of this terrible suspicion.

  1. Tuesday Mooney Wore Black by Kate Racculia


Tuesday, Mooney is in love with a puzzle. So she can not resist when an eccentric rich man suddenly dies, opening the path to a fiendish treasure hunt. Tuesday Mooney works best when she works alone, but soon she starts working with Dex, her best friend, and Nathanial Arches, a mysterious man from a wealthy family.


Nathanial was inimical with the dead billionaire. They solve the clues and conduct some interesting experiments. It turns out that the puzzle is extremely complicated. At the root of the problem, there is something very dark.


The title of the book is enough to draw readers. You can see this cool review for a deeper appreciation of this remarkable work of literature.


  1. One Year of Ugly by Caroline Mackenzie


Meet Aunt Celia, who will present the whole mess to you. This book, with the story of the Palacios family and a crime ring, will fascinate you. The family illegally escapes socialist Venezuela settles in Trinidad.


But after the death of Aunt Celia, Yola Palacios and other members of the family discover that Celia kept a deep secret. Ugly, a local criminal owes her a hefty amount of money, and now they have to repay it.


Ugly dresses like David Bowie, but his business is like that of Pablo Escobar. If the Palacios does not do what Ugly says, they will have to face big trouble. Roman, Ugly’s assistant, always watches the family. Things get gnarly when Yola falls in lust with Roman.


If you are interested in contemporary writing, these books will undoubtedly fascinate you. That said, a curious reader is never satisfied with a list of recommended books. Hopefully, you will do your own research and find more amazing books.


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