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Does a keratin hair treatment damage hair?



Hair is one of the indications of people’s health and if its condition is unsatisfactory, this is the reason to pay attention to lifestyle. Customers can apply a special product to improve its state except for changing daily habits. The speech is about keratin hair treatment that is an innovative method of total renewals. Certainly, it is difficult to agree on the usage of something unknown even if this item becomes popular all over the world. Manufacturers place emphasis on the positive features of their goods to attract buyers who should also be confident of the purchase’s quality.

Keratin treatment before and after: warnings

People want to see the result of keratin treatment for hair, but first, they should look at the instructions in detail to avoid unpleasant consequences. Careless buying can cause:

  • Hair loss. Follicles may weaken because of the load.
  • Fatty and not neat looking. Within time, keratin oversaturates the surface, that is why the general view becomes not too attractive.
  • Decreasing hair volume. Locks gain weight and they are too heavy to keep extending especially in the basal zone.

Other disadvantages include the temporary effect and impossibility of frequent usage. Evanescence happens due to hair regrowth and repeated washing.  Meanwhile, the mask predicts some time to react in an appropriate way because this is not a panacea. But anyway, this remedy is worth choosing as it still has more advantages than cons. And the benefits are acceptable enough to make a decision in favor of keratin.


Affirmative facts about keratin research treatment

There are several important factors that claim the potency of such a cure. Availability is one of the leading advantages. Amazon sells masks with delivery, therefore, everyone can order them when it is convenient. Clients can compare the condition of hair before and after keratin treatment. Cuticles strengthen and scale smooth out eliminating frizz and electrization. Products contain vitamins and oils that cure the locks inside renewing their structure. These are different combinations among a large number of choices, for example, Omega 3 and 9. Similar methods promote shine because hair becomes tight and is able to reflect light that gets to the surface. People need to use masks for a particular period to achieve visible results such as sturdy healthy follicles.

Keratin makes hair more manageable thanks to filling cavities in the wig. It also impacts the speed of growth because hair receives a lot of nutrients. The tips stop breaking off. This protein creates a protective shell from exterior irritators like sun rays, water, and temperature changes with high moisture. The extra plus is universality for all types of hair from dry to fatty. This commodity is appropriate even for dyed locks as it doesn’t act aggressively on the pigment. Professional care is worth spending money on.

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