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What You Should Know About Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning



Commercial dryers do loads of laundry drying in a day, or a week, depending on the cleaning schedules of the business. People with dryers for salons, restaurants, and any other commercial use should consider scheduling for the commercial dryer vent cleaning often to ensure the dryers are in good shape and work perfectly.

The process of commercial dryer vent cleaning is straightforward if you have the right tools and necessary skills. The cleaners come with brushes to scrub off the trapped lint in the vent. They also use high-velocity air to remove the lint and allow airflow in the machine, increasing efficiency and reducing some hazards like fire which is caused by the highly flammable lint.

1. Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost

When you contact a commercial dryer vent cleaning company, ensure you get all the information from the type of services they offer, the procedure of their vent cleaning, and the prices. Some cleaning companies have two kinds of services for dryer vent cleaning; they can do it as stand-alone services or as an add-on when doing general cleaning. Knowing how much they charge for any of those services will help you when setting your budget.

2. Get Someone To Clean Your Dirty Dryer Vent

Lint clogs the vents making it hard for hot air and other harmful gases like carbon monoxide to be released outside. Clogged vents lead to overheating the machine, and the excess heat combined with lint can lead to fire breakout. Cleaning the commercial dryer vents will allow hot air to escape and get rid of the lint.

3. Flex Hose For Dryers Installation

Some commercial dryer vent cleaners will install a flex hose to minimize the chances of getting fire breakout. This increases safety in the workplace. The technicians will also identify incorrectly installed vents and also inspect all flex hose connectors. If your connector is made of plastic, some will recommend that you replace it.

4. Importance Of Cleaning The Dryer Vent

Commercial dryer vent cleaning comes with many advantages that you cannot stand to lose by not cleaning your commercial dryer vents.  The first advantage has to do with enhancing your dryer’s efficiency. Since the lint is thoroughly removed, the dryer vent is able to let in air and expel the used one without struggling. Besides, the mechanical parts are able to operate efficiently. The second benefit is that of minimizing fire hazards that have been historically been associated with clogged commercial dryer vents. You see, clogged vents cause an increase in temperature in the vent and this can lead to combustion of the lint, causing a fire. This can lead to great losses that could take a long time to recover. Last but not least is the lowering of energy costs. Clean dryer vents mean your machine is working efficiently and therefore consuming less energy. This means you would be paying reasonable monthly energy utility bills. Therefore, you should consider cleaning your commercial dryer vent often to prevent lint build-up and all the damages it comes with.

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